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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Hello Dear friends, We’ve been super busy working on new features, balance changes, and a whole host of improvements over the last few months. However, as you know, we always want to hear from you about what you believe we can improve on. This topic was created to get your thoughts on the current state of The Universim. First of all, we would greatly appreciate it if you fill out this survey. Here are some of the most important things we want to know: What do you believe is the Number One feature we’re missing right now? How would you imagine this feature to function? What do you like most about The Universim? How can we improve upon it, and what should we avoid changing? How can we increase the replay value of the game for you? We want you to enjoy The Universim for as long as possible, so we’d love to hear your suggestions. Are there any features from your favorite games that you feel could be adapted into The Universim to improve your playing experience? What is your opinion on the current level of micromanagement in the game? Would you like more or less of it? We are trying to minimize micromanagement, but we don’t want The Universim to turn into the world’s most expensive screensaver. Should The Universim be a more challenging experience? We want to make the game accessible and enjoyable for all players, no matter their skill level. Let us know if you want a more relaxing experience or one that will offer a bit more challenge. How would you rate the game in terms of bugs? What are the most annoying issues you have found in the most recent build? Is there anything, in particular, we should focus on? Lastly, what would you like in terms of future rewards? We are always looking to add something extra for everyone who supported The Universim from day one. We are enormously grateful for your help and continued support. At the moment, we are adding everyone’s names to the game in the Rise of Evolution Monument . You’ll be receiving another small survey at www.crytivo.com requesting the correct name you’d like to use. However, another little something is being added to the game just for you. An early support skin is on its way for everyone who purchases the game before August 28. You’re on our VIP list, so expect to receive a whole lot more in the future! Thank you to everyone who continues to help us address all of the issues with the game’s design, balance, and bugs. Your feedback is essential to making The Universim better every day. For daily updates and all the news about The Universim, be sure to follow us on Twitter , Facebook , and Reddit . We’d love to see you there.