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Found 5 results

  1. I really love where Universim is going but this is the first release I won't be playing till the end of the content, I just cannot put up with that camera and UI again. 1. Please make it an option to not have the reallly lethargic and slow UI, example: pressing escape brings up the menu, then switching between the menu or exiting the menu has this slow fade in and out. 2. Remove escape from actually brining up the menu, have a clickable button for that, esc is usefull to just press to get back to a default action state with the curser, but if already in that default state you get thrown into the menu(made worse by the issue outlined above) 3. Please have an option to change the bindings for god power (Middle mouse) and the modifier for freelook (right mouse), I can rebind powers but not the modifier. It would be far more condusive having the mouse wheel which controls zoom also control pitch and rotation, most games run this way. I get that the powers are scrolled with mouse wheel, however for me the camera is more important and right clicking then scrolling for the god power would still be perfectly viable and just as easy. Just having that as an option in the bindings would go a long way. 4. THE biggest issue though is how slow the camera is with WASD and the extreme inertia. I get you might going for an imersive 'god like' floaty feeling but it just makes the simple task of looking around a massive chore, keep the camera simple, the crisper the better. Remove or severly reduce the inertia, and make the shift modified camera speed the default, we dont need a modified speed really, fine camera control is easier with the left mouse drag. An editable camera speed would be optimal. Keep up the good work, hopefully I'll give the next release a full play through.
  2. Hi guys! I was wondering a few things about this game. I've been watching it for years, now. I see it's on sale on Steam and here but there are questions! Hopefully, you players can help me come to a decision. 1. Can you turn Camera shake off? 2. How much control do you have in the graphic settings? 3. Is it better to buy it on here or on Steam? Will I get more content here? 4. If yes, to #3, is the price in USD or CAD? Thank you guys, in advance. I get motion sick really easily and have been watching video's. The rain splatter on the camera, no problem...the tornado shaking the entire screen...that's the problem. I really am excited about the game and just need some questions answered before I take the plunge. I don't want to buy the game blindly and have to return it because it makes me motion sick.
  3. Improve Camera Responsivness

    I originally posted this on Steam, but I'm reposting it here, because I really feel this MUST be fixed, and I want the devs to see this. My single biggest complaint (immediately after the broken save feature) with the game right now is by far the camera and it's controls. This is a Ruins-The-Whole-Game-Experience type of gripe. Get this wrong and it can seriously damage the entire experience of any game. I know others have mentioned the camera before, but I definitely think it deserves to be brought up again (and as many times as is necessary in the future until the devs understand how truly awful and annoying the camera is to use) During the course of the game, the player really needs to move the camera around quite frequently, and it feels absolutely dreadful. The 3 biggest issues with the camera are: there is a significant delay between when the user moves the cursor, and when the camera center actually gets to the cursor's position. Most games / 3d programs are created in such a way that this is instantaneous. The cameras center is always almost exactly where the cursor is. This is the norm. Any delay can feel sluggish and constraining. Usually a delay is the result of performance issues and not intentional. That is NOT the case here. Here it is clearly the desire effect. There are no options to turn it off, or adjust it via some kind of sensitivity setting (where the maximum value means the camera exactly follows the cursor and behaves as any other game/program). There is no reason for this other than someone on the dev team is forcing their preference on players. Universim players are apparently expected to like or enjoy this type of sub-par experience. The camera movement speed is far too slow. The faster speed using shift is still too slow. Both should at the very least be doubled. Again, this should be a setting somewhere. When the camera is zoomed out far away from the planet, the camera speed should be greatly increased to compensate. At that distance I would expect to be able to quickly rotate around the planet. Instead in Universim it rotates the same speed as the camera would move while on the ground, which is painfully slow. All of this combined makes it truly a chore just to move around and navigate the play-space, and is CONSTANTLY in my face while doing ANY TASK in the game. The default controls are terrible, and there are no options for adjustment. Please download and try Google Earth, and hopefully copy their camera controls. That is the proper way to implement a responsive, pleasant control scheme that focuses on a planet. I know exactly what kind of effort goes into make a change like this. It's not an unreasonable request, and I see absolutely no reason why this cannot, and should not be fixed. This is so unendingly annoying to me as a player that it literally hampers any joy in the experience of playing the game. I don't know Crytivo well enough, but I choose to give you guys a chance to fix the major issues that are dragging the game down. It's not fun to play right now, and the camera is at the top of my list of complaints. However, if the developers refuse to make any effort here, I will push for a refund. Can you tell that I loathe the camera in this game?! I think it's necessary to impress the sheer hatred, to make you FEEL how STRONGLY AND DEEPLY ANNOYED I feel with this kind of implementation of camera navigation. Just how much it gets in the way of playing the game, for NO GOOD REASON. It's detrimental to the game. It's detrimental to your profit margin $$$. Fix it.
  4. When pressing "F" to jump to an event and focus the camera on it, you are unable to zoom. Only way to get out is to use WASD or move the camera. The camera then also applies any zoom you may have done before. I would actually expect to be able to zoom while focused on the event.
  5. Camera goes through mountains

    Camera goes through mountains What client version you downloaded: PC v0.0.9 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In-game. Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes. Detailed description of the problem: The camera can goes through mountains and valleys as you can see here: https://gyazo.com/90560eec4eab0b98298fc8267b091fff