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Found 7 results

  1. Buildigs

    Hello i have started my City next to a sea so my nuggets build in the other way and my problem is that they don‘t build the buildings on the seaside. sorry for my englisch i‘m from Germany 😅
  2. they are going in and getting stuck at 40 health.. and the healthbar looks odd
  3. [2] Nugget twice in the cemetery

    My first nugget died and i had the quest. I completed it, and after a while i see the same nugget is in the cemetery twice. Will try to reproduce and/or see if it happens with others. edit : it doesnt show on screenshot but it's same name, same age, same cause of death.
  4. I placed a well near a lake, which caused the game engine to create a raised land mass to acommodate the structure placement. Later, an animal was walking near said land mass, but was clipping through the (new) raised terrain. The unit collision hadn't recognized the structure collision but was instead still functioning with only the initial ground collision.
  5. - After performing an upgrade on warehouse it "forgets" which resources to store and which no to store. - In the hunting hut the progress on hunting certain animals and the bonus damage corelating with it are lost after an upgrade and is set to 0 again. As fare as i can tell stored resources aren't lost in the progress of upgrading those buildings.
  6. Hi there, i have about 10 engineers huts, but i recognized they doing nothing for bad health buildings. So when i don't use my mighty power, buildings would get ruined. They need the preference for lower buildings and not for constructing new buildings.
  7. Bugs in new update (resolve)

    So after playing for a while i went into the nugget menu were i set jobs so i can free a person up to farm. When i moved it and set apply no one was set free. I then went back into the menu to investigate, i was able to move the bar to the end and set apply but no one gets allocated to the job. This makes the game unplayable as i wasn't able to do anything like research and stuff afterwards.