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Found 5 results

  1. Reservior

    The tier 3 or level 3 reservoir has no increased capacity compared to the tier 2 or level 2 capacity only a different appearance while it takes more resources to build it.
  2. V 26.19695 Scale of breaking 3-4, it starts out inconvenient then just snowballs out of control. I seem to be hitting the same issue every time I reach the end of the stone age when buildings start requiring refined stone and wood. I've built several refineries and warehouses to store all the resources that the buildings need to exist, but my Nuggets just won't construct the buildings or upgrade existing ones that need anything more advanced than stone or wood. I'm sitting on a bunch of iron and refined goods, have plenty of educated Nuggets, have a courier's hut built and staffed, and my civilization is about to crumble again because buildings are starting to require power and no matter how many times I click prioritize, they just leave the advanced buildings and power plants as foundations on the ground. Am I doing something wrong or have I encountered a bug involving refined stone, wood and iron?
  3. Version/OS: Steam V26, Windows 10 Repeatable: Unsure as of yet(only 1 death so far) I will try to reproduce it again. I started a new game on the steam release, after playing for awhile and my first nugget finally died I checked to see if my gravedigger was going for the body. As they weren't making an attempt to retrieve it I used my powers to move the body to the cemetery where it was immediately buried, however soon after my gravedigger walked into the cemetery and collected a body from it they then left walked around to the front and i saw another 2nd body appear on the cart when nobody else had died. They took one body up to the pyre which i turned off and it immediately disappeared, the second body however they buried and I ended up with 2 of the same nugget buried. Edit: I've tried uploading screenshots/save files but i get a -200 error on everything
  4. As last game the issue is still remaining, it's a bit better, but still there are some buildings engineers don't care about. Maybe we can get an ingenieur menu what they care about most Menu settings: Builder or repairer and repair lowest buildings first.
  5. Water Problems

    Hello, It seems there is a problem with building multiple buildings, at least for the water related things... I build one water pump and one tank and when my population grew i tried to build another pump but nothing happens when i click on the icon for the water pump... the menu closes and its back to nothing. can anyone help me? am i doing something wrong?