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Found 16 results

  1. Bug Hunting Awards

    Hello, For having you submit bugs , we awards you with awards . These shiny badges will go onto your profile. Wear it with pride. Check here if you have gotten an award. You should have gotten at least a bug submit reward if you have done so. So if you do not have that award yet , please reply here and I will fix it for you. Sorry about that though
  2. Know bugs we have in current built

    Known Bugs V0.0.30 People , here a list of known bugs and their solutions Bugs (updated 12 feb 2019) When starting a new game no interface is shown. Please put the game in French and then back to English Again.Please provide your settings json file. The file path is C:\Users\"user"\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_\The Universim and the file name is TheUniversim.Settings.json Nuggets stop moving around. There is not really a solution for this bug as for now. Many things can go wrong in the game . It is very important you sent your save game to me or Sasha on Discrod. So we can pinpoint what circumstances this bug occurs. University / Schools are not working. This is known and being fixed in the next patch. There is no work around. Game Crashes at Start up. Also this bug is hard to replicate. It is being looked after. Nuggets are dying and I cannot get my population above xxx. This is in the game design. I would suggest you use your Cupid God power to make some new nuggets. Also make sure you have enough nuggets working free AKA not having a job. The more free nuggets you have , the more they will do "love making" . Also make sure your nuggets are happy. Built slow. People can loose their save games when closing Universim. We would like to see the Cloud log to see if Steam Cloud is doing something weird. cloud_log.txt that is located inside you C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs and only gets filled if steam is active; so start steam, start game, save; log out and see if save still there, if not; get log while steam still running. My Save games are gone why? WIth every built the save games will be gone due the fact so many variables have changed due the new patch. So basicly understand this. With every large big patch , you have to start a new game. It is a shame and I know. But that is what you get when the game is still in alpha and things change a lot under the hood Bare with us !! My game is stuttering a lot. The Dev's enabled a logging feature within the game that makes the HDD write a lot of data to your harddisk during gameplay. This was enabled to make a log file at C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_\The Universim called : output_log.txt. Please sent this logfile to us when you enccounter bugs. This embedded logging feature will be optional in later builts. With all bugs you encounter that are not listed here , make sure you sent us your save game as well. We can be reached on our Discord
  3. Current Bug Fixed Thread

    Hello all , Hereby a list of current bugs that have been fixed with the latest patch : BUG FIXES Fixed: Broken Radio Tower demolished prefab. Fixed: Broken Park prefabs. Fixed: Multiple worker auto-assignments occurring when buildings were upgraded. Fixed: Duplicate building spots after save and load. Fixed: Clicking right mouse button while viewing building interior panels unintentionally rotated the main camera. Fixed: Construction pop-ups during the Tesla quest displayed incorrect resource requirements. Fixed: Building placement ghosts now display the required biome instead of current biome. Fixed: Upgrade requests were not removed when an upgrade-ready building was destroyed. Fixed: Issue with Nuggets getting stuck due to critical hunger status without food available. Fixed: Nuggets getting stuck when trying to reach a resource pile that is within a water source. Fixed: Loading issue when attempting to load multiple configs but unable to locate them. Fixed: Certain entertainment buildings not increasing Happiness. Fixed: Nuggets getting stuck during a Windstorm. Fixed: Temples incorrectly being constructed within Lumbermills. Fixed: Nugget Progs upgrade would consistently crash the game. Fixed: Save system had a chance to fail, which lead to the issue of being unable to save the game anymore due to the system becoming locked. Fixed: When loading a save, spots in the Cemetery were cleared but gravestones remained in place. Fixed: Gravediggers getting stuck due to a failed request. Fixed: Creator Power Carousel bugging out when switching between windowed & full screen modes. Fixed: Certain buildings that require a certain biome not displaying said biome. Fixed: AI error that caused a crash when an adult Nugget moved houses after their house was destroyed. Fixed: Failure to load save games due to a bugged building construction request. The issue was caused by the game being saved exactly at the same time as the game was running a check for where to place a new building. Fixed: Out of range exception that was happening in extreme cases on quest completion or building placement. Fixed: Intro scene mountains were rotated weirdly. Fixed: Prison UI panel breaking after Shifts are unlocked. Fixed: Water / Electricity usage being displayed incorrectly in the UI. Fixed: Wind indicator incorrectly displaying the current wind status. Fixed: Dropping Nuggets after using Telekinesis occasionally caused them to fall endlessly. Fixed: Removing a Nugget’s name and saving the empty field caused the renaming feature to become locked. Fixed: Residential buildings displaying the upgrade button in their panels. Fixed: Hitting the Esc button when an Election notification popped up caused the celebration panel to become stuck on screen. Fixed: Steam API activation occurring too late lead to issues with Achievement unlocks. Fixed: Police Station UI panel was missing the crime scale. Fixed: Police Station UI panel caused Null Reference Exception due to incorrect value updates. Fixed: Buildings providing Happiness despite not working. Fixed: Extreme performance spikes during late game. Fixed: Error caused by Defense Towers after loading a game. Fixed: Icons for the Weak and Hermit Traits were displayed incorrectly in the Nugget panel. Fixed: Neutral Trait appearing twice in the sort panel when trying to sort Nuggets by Traits. Fixed: In some edge cases, the Creator Power Carousel’s icons were scrambled and displayed incorrectly. Fixed: Nuggets not able to leave Schools during a Windstorm. Fixed: Construction pop-ups incorrectly displayed the same colors for all resources. Fixed: Redundant mesh colliders on certain objects. Fixed: Game wasn’t pausing when opening the Wiki. GENERAL BALANCE CHANGES / IMPROVEMENTS As many of you have pointed out, electricity shortages become far too common as you approach the Modern Age, which we have addressed with a bit of rebalancing. This should brighten up your day. Kinetic Generator Electricity Storage Capacity increased from 2000 -> 5000 Kinetic Generator Electricity Output increased from 38 -> 50 Kinetic Generator Extreme Electricity Output increased from 75 -> 100 Small Kinetic Generator Electricity Output increased from 15 -> 25 Small Kinetic Generator Extreme Electricity Output increased from 30 -> 50 Wind Turbine Electricity Storage Capacity increased from 2000 -> 5000 Wind Turbine Electricity Output increased from 75 -> 100 Small Wind Turbine Electricity Output increased from 30 -> 50 Gas Plant Electricity Output increased from 200 -> 300 Power Battery Storage Capacity increased from 5000 -> 10000 We have also completely reworked the Crime & Happiness systems to ensure they function properly with the UI changes and new mechanics. When new big bugs will be fixed , We will add them here. Also in the topic where the bug was introduced we try to reply there if the bug is fixed or not. KNOWN ISSUES: Due to recent changes in the engine, some localization functionality may have been affected. Please report any localization issues that you encounter on our Discord channel. We will do our best to fix it ASAP. A few Nuggets may still wander into lakes. This is a small issue within our pathfinding solution. We are making constant improvements to the system and will do our best to resolve all issues in the coming months. Save / Load issues: We occasionally receive reports of save games not loading. If you encounter this issue, please get in touch via Discord. Reach out to one of our developers, Sasha#5709, and send him the affected save file. This helps us tremendously to replicate and resolve such problems. We greatly appreciate your help!
  4. V30 Gravedigger running around

    I’ve played three different worlds and each one my grave digger has three bodies and will not take them to the cemetery. He just runs back and forth around the village. If i pick him up that usually resets him.
  5. Bug Reporting Guidelines

    For anyone doing testing for Goblins of Elderstone (Whether for fun or as a volunteer), it would be amazing if you could follow the below guidelines. For every bug you report, try and include reproduction steps, along with a detailed description of the bug. Please, if you can, test it at least twice and figure out the exact way to consistently get the same bug to happen. It will feel repetitive at first, but it is the only way to make absolutely sure that the person you're trying to explain the bug to understands. Ex. The goblins turn red when two are assigned to the tower. Repro: Build tower with at least 4 goblins in the tribe Assign two goblins to tower Both goblins should now be red Over-explain your report. Even if someone has to read through more text, it's better than having a blank spot that they don't understand that the tester felt was obvious, and then to wait for the tester to get back and explain it. Include images and videos when relevant. I recommend using Gyazo, which lets you take screen caps and MP4s, that are then uploaded to the website. You can either link to the media, or preferably, download it yourself and directly upload it here (This may be less possible with the MP4s depending on size. Include the version you experienced this issue with, whether it is a QA branch, the base branch, or some extra place. Include a Tag with how important the bug is with 1 being not very important and 5 being gamebreaking Include saves and crash logs when relevant as well In summary: Detailed description of the bug Detailed reproduction steps Use images and videos when relevant Include the change version Include a tag with the severity of the bug Include a save and/or crash log if relevant For those of you who have already reported bugs, we super appreciate and hope you'll continue to work and make the game better!
  6. Dear Crytivo, For me, the Universim is becoming increasingly unplayable with each update I install. Last update made all of my buildings disappear (I only see a very small part of it, just the flowers around it or absolutely nothing at all) and this issue persists with the new update. And while I know my laptop (a MacBook Pro 15-inch) might not be the best for gaming, the Universim is extremely laggy on my computer (while it runs other heavy games like The Sims 4 or Civilization absolutely fine, sure the fans are blowing permanently whenever I start them and I haven't set the graphics options set to the highest resolution but they still work very well), even when I set all graphics options to the lowest possible setting and the resolution to about 1200x800, it isn't running smoothly. I know you are just and indie dev company and the games I mentioned have been developed by teams much, much bigger than yours, but considering how much I paid for this game it is starting to piss me off. I am a very big fan of the concept of the game and back when it used to work, had a lot of fun playing it but the underlying software is just too buggy for me to enjoy playing the game now. I know that you want to proceed to the next eras (so do I!), but I think it would be much more valuable if the base of the game was more stable. Especially now that you are going on Steam, I think the core of the game should work on different systems. The small kinks I can tolerate (a certain building not doing exactly what it's supposed to do or a nugget getting lost, etc.) but at this moment I can't get any further than building my first well (which I cannot see...). Please, please fix these simple issues to make the game more playable, for all of our sakes! Best, A very supportive but also disappointed Universim player
  7. bugs and crash

    1. The boat sometimes goes from horizontal to Vertical (The Nugget has his/her back in the water. 2. sometime when i pick up a corpse I cant drop it :/ 3. when I was going to exit the game my whole computer crashed
  8. The Universim Saved Data

    Hello, I have an issue where my saved world isn't loading. I'll click load, it'll pause for a second (like it's going to load), but then continue loading. It's not like I've made it too far, but it's annoying that whenever I progress in a world and need to exit, it never can be accessed. Pimpataria.zip
  9. Slow movement and flickering screen

    All right, I FINALLY got the game to load, but the movement seems really slow and glitchy. I'm also having an issue with my screen either freezing for a few minutes showing the Windows Error message: 'this program is not responding'. The screen will also flicker between the game and the desktop repeatedly. Anyone else having this issue? How do I fix this?
  10. I recorded this for the sake that this should be looked at by the devs. Apparently this little nugget is building stuff while walking around the area when shes no where near the building. This glitch is pretty funny looking considering that she looks like she is dancing micheal jackson style XD. Heres a vid of what this looks like.
  11. For some weird and overall irritating reason, after i load in a save. I went on to try and build another Water Pump for my Civilization and i spotted a bug where if you click on it, it wont give the glowing representation of the Water Pump. I will give you a video of what this looks like.
  12. Creator Mode Save Error! + Seasons Timing off! When i loaded my world. i started it in Creator Mode but when i played it for several more minutes, The seasons timing was off! When it became fall. The ENTIRE planet looked like a giant snowball in the middle of Winter! Spring is way too early, When everything finally thawed out on my planet i was relieved to think i can start fishing again (as of course the farms are really buggy which i stopped using them as they right now are waste of time,resources, and space.) But however the News System didnt say it was Spring. Infact It was still winter on the current season window!.I had to wait another day or so for News to finally say its Spring!. All that while i had nothing to do but watch my food supply go down more. This is bad enough that it caused a Famine on my Civilization and basically killed everyone on the planet! Another bug i would want to report to the forums is that when i loaded back in my Creator Mode World, ALL THE BUILDINGS WERE LOCKED AND I COULDN'T RESEARCH ANYTHING SO I HAD NO CHOICE BUT ABANDON THE SAVE!!! (In Creator Mode we have all buildings unlocked and research can done very fast under around 5 seconds.) One last bug i really want to report is that when i was in another save game of mine, a windstorm had been triggered and caused ALL of my Nuggets to become stuck and REALLY bugged and even after the windstorm it STILL bugged everyone in my Civilization! What a disappointment indeed! But i still love this game no matter what as of course its still in Alpha and obliviously theres going to be bugs in the game as well. I really hope the Devs found this all out quickly and release a patch very soon as these were frightful and overall disappointing moments for me. Has anyone else encountered these bugs and glitches? Bugged Version - v.19 overwhaleming
  13. Archived - Nugget Desires FUBAR

    Archived - Nugget Desires FUBAR Once nuggets need more than one thing they begin to stutter. For example if the nugget is thirsty and hungry and needs to go fishing they will stop dead in their tracks and change direction to go get food and water, then the icon for fishing appears and then they start to head for the fisher pier. But this happens so frequently that it takes them forever to get to where they are going. Last release I had 4-5 fisher piers and that's all I needed to keep my population alive until I started planting crops in year 3, now everyone is going to starve and die since my fishermen cant seem to feed themselves or find water to drink even though there are wells set up all over my civilization. Also just as before the nuggets aren't making use of local stone and wood, they are going way out of their way to mine and harvest wood. Ugh.
  14. Paragon Issues

    Paragon Issues Well I have been trying the new build out for some time now . Things that I found: - Loading time , sometimes the game freezes while loading a new game - Nuggets AI are screwed up. When they are sick or injured , they do not go to the hospital directly , instead they keep on doing what they do until they are almost death and then they go - The requirements of the buildings are happening to fast.. What do I mean. Well nuggets dying , injuring , buildings degrade to fast for me to even keep up. Even when I try to build all the buildings required faster then they first are needed , I still loose to much niggets on diseases and death. - The harvest season of fishing is rediculous. I mean never heard of ice fishing. So the first year I allread start off with to little food. - Cannot use the god powers to chop trees or get stone. This update really screwed up the game mechanics for me.. Please fix it
  15. A Few Bugs

    A Few Bugs Bugs (1 has the most affect on gameplay and 4 has the least) (Has anyone else had these problems?) 1. On first time playing, the water pumps won't snap to lake and aren't place able. Fixed by starting new game and skipping water pump tutorial. 2. Nuggets going hungry and thirsty even though there though there is an excess of food or water. I don't know if this is a bug or just a problem with how I'm building. 3. During gameplay the clock starting going backwards (Ex. going from 5:10 pm to 5:09 pm and continuing backwards) Had no affect on actual gameplay, the game itself and day/night cycle progressed as normal. Just a minor detail that was kinda bugging me. 4. Clock is stuck on PM. Again has no affect on gameplay, day/night cycle progressed as normal. Don't know if this even is a bug, probably just hasn't been programmed yet
  16. bugs (not bugs)

    - can't install the wall any place. try to fine the place to install that. but it never activates. - i tried to build a farm. but the people never build it but only build stone hut automatically even if i didnt ask to build it.