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Found 98 results

  1. As the title says. Whenever ministries are unlocked and i build a town hall, and nuggets auto assign workers with different shifts, they stop delivering metal to construction sites. I have about 80 iron in stock, i waited for 10 minutes and nuggets couldn't deliver 2 iron to a university and couldn't deliver 5 iron to law enforcement. The supporters of the construction sites will constantly walk to the construction site, with no resources in hand, and just walk back to the warehouse, and just walk back to construction sites, without actually delivering resources. Not only that, many nuggets seem to take resources out of the warehouse and just drop them in front of the warehouse and leave empty handed. PLEASE FIX!
  2. This is my first time playing the game... I'm 2h in, and I've just been attacked by some 4 raiders (nuggets from other clan?) The game is showing me a prompt: "We're under attack, Gifhorn are raiding the village! Protect your civilization be" it cuts out at "be". WHen I click the prompt, nothing happens... I'm watching as the raiders destroy 2h of my work and there is nothing I can do.. at least the game is failing to tell me what I'm supposed to do. I tried telekinesis on the raiders, but that didn't work. I can't defend myself, the (?) help menu doesn't have a peep about this situation. Is my game over because of RNG?
  3. Cant start new game after update

    Before the update my game worked perfectly fine, but after the update I suddenly cant start a new game. Whenever I try it loads for about 3 minutes then freezes and just stays frozen until I click it and it closes after telling me the game isn't responding. I don't know what to do at this point.
  4. bug in version 0.30.23398

    I am at the end of the game and I am trying to build the cement factory, the glass factory and the hot-air balloon, but my nuggets are a supportor and not a constructor, they will carry refined wood and refined rock, but do not touch the iron, it stays in storage, even construction that not need iron does not work, did you know this problem?
  5. To Quote Alex : Unfortunately we encountered multiple serious bugs which were reported by people who are playing right now on the experimental branch. We are fixing those bugs as fast as we can, but some of them unfortunately take time and that is the major reason why it is not officially out. We would like to release this patch with less bugs as possible and provide you with a pleasant experience instead of frustration. We sincerely apologize for the delay and we truly hope for your understanding. If someone would like to try the patch right now despite facing some bugs, you are most welcome to check our experimental branch. It is open for everyone and has all the new content. Currently we just patching as much as we can the game and trying to solve all the issues that we encounter. What does it mean? If you want to test the current built , make sure you download the Experimental Patch , which gives you the V0.30 that we all have been testing the last couple of days. The DEV team is working very hard and is Q/A testing the current new built. This built has a lot of bugs killed that the people found out from the Experimental Patch. I found a bug on the current built? Well yes , there are some bugs still in the experimental built , that is being adressed with the current test built. What you can do is:Wait until the new patch goes live , to see if the bugs are fixed. Check the forum's to check if your bug already has been reported.If you see a bug that is not listed , make sure you post it at the forums:Bug Report Also contact the DEV's on discord (https://discord.gg/crytivo)They will need your savegame / crashlog How to find the data needed? Below are the save game file paths. Only post the save file that is relevant to the report.Save game folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves Settings & Log file folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The UniversimCrash files & Log file folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\CrashDumps
  6. V30 Incorrect research Timer

    In the new update for the universim the research circle and timer on it are incorrect and finish at around 75% because of this. When you open the research screen however, you see the correct amount of time left in your research. You can also notice that the timer in the research bubble sometimes pauses for no reason then starts ticking again. This is easily repeatable as all you have to do it start a new game and watch the research bubble in the bottom left corner of your screen as you do research.
  7. V30 Undead Ministers

    When Ministers Die, the game does not replace them in city hall so my entire minister team currently is all people who have been dead for hundreds of years. This also leads to the problem that you can not unassign the ministers from their positions because the ministers technically do not exist, very annoying when you do not want them building anymore of a certain type of building. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FDnbmBC5PRRtvBWnEA7HV5sS3qZsTyRB Above is the save file, the same one as in all of my other bug reports.
  8. V30 Possible Memory Leak?

    In the new experimental branch, I have been maxing out my ram and cpu both of which, never went above 30% in v29 even with the higher population in v29. This leads me to believe there is a memory leak with something that was introduced in the new update that I can not seem to figure out what it would be. Below I will attach my save file to help and see if someone else could figure out the issue. This problem only seemed to show up after the prison or rehab facility was decided apon. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FDnbmBC5PRRtvBWnEA7HV5sS3qZsTyRB (EDIT1) I am suspicious that the rocks around the world are cloning themselves and eventually there are so many rocks it lags the game I have over 100 rocks in the photo above alone!
  9. The new ministers in v30 seem to have a habit of building things inside of the lumbermill, glitching them so the lumbermills don't produce wood correctly. I find this most common with the minister of education. Above is a picture of a University Built inside of a lumbermill after the minister of education thought i needed one.
  10. Even though with the cement, glass, and chemical factories there is a decal for their products, on every other building that uses those products, the decal is missing and replaced by an X https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FDnbmBC5PRRtvBWnEA7HV5sS3qZsTyRB Above is the save file i'm using. . Image of what im talking about.
  11. Bugs in the experimental branch

    After playing through the experimental branch for till the end here are a few bugs I encountered. -At around the time you reach prison/rehab center nuggets will sometimes stay still till they die -Gas mines have a purple box around the perimeter of the building -The new cement, glass, and chemical building use string names for tasks instead of the real name (Loc_BuildingCement instead of Cement Factory for example) -Exile villages appear to have the same issue as above -Can not unassign ministers -Ministers will sometimes build buildings inside lumber mills -Missing Decals for concrete, glass, and chemicals -Memory and cpu issues/leaks? (Shouldn't be maxing out a 12 core 4.1GHz processor at 150 population) -Research circle/timer is incorrect (tends to finish at 75% done) -Couriers will sometimes take stuff from storage then immediately put it back in a loop till there shift is over -Shiftwork seems to reek havoc on the reproduction rate of your civilization (Had a baby boom with shiftwork off while a death spree with it on) If you wish to have my save file just let me know! Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. New to this forum. I'll continue to add new bugs to this forum as i discover them. Anyone else notice anything I missed? (EDIT) Only now the bug subforum is appearing for me! Sorry about that! (EDIT2) If staff remove this post ill repost everything like im supposed to in the bug section
  12. v30 Crash to Desktop

    I was playing the experimental patch today for a couple of hours then when I used the forest god power a couple of time.. Beng CTD... First a Unity Crash logger and poof
  13. Nuggets Don't move bug

    I was playing The Universim and my goal was to reach industrialization, right before I research it my nuggets just stopped moving and stopped doing any actions, I think this bug exists more than 2 months now, I've tried to fix it but nothing works, they just freeze again.
  14. Why is upload of the new compressed save file not possible?
  15. Wolves appear in spring bug

    i am using the new experimental branch. i used a GP to skip winter but wolves still came in spring i know ths isn't posted in the BUGS subforum but i can't figure out how to move or delete it
  16. Hunters hut bug

    hello, As i like hunters too much, I tend to build hunters hut in almost every game. I started to see the bug when I was not building farms and just rely on hunters and fishers. Looks like, sometimes, some hunters hut don't work at all, hunters just stay in the hut no matter what (or until some of their needs trigger), the hut has 0 food and 0 experience in hunting. It happens in stone age when you have 50 nuggets or later. I tired to: - reassign other nuggets(the new ones get inside and sit doing nothing); - turning it off and on(they go outside and get in if I open it again or go to their needs if they have some); - choose other animals(nothing works); I have started a new game to take these pictures to prove that the bug exists and it's not related to the weird things that happen over 500+ nuggets. While writing this another 2 hunters start behaving like this. I must say that traps are still working with them (they build and collect the meat) and that there are still animals on the planet
  17. Local Business water bug

    Hello guys, I just found out that after you build Local Business you can turn them off and still get the happiness bonus. edit : Couldn't post in bugs and issues as this is my 1st post :), if this can be moved it will be great.
  18. Hitting Escape precisely when election results are announced "sticks" the celebrate/whateva display to the screen. It won't go away without exiting the game & the buttons aren't clickable. Build 3362814 Alpha Version 29.22386
  19. Hi, I see a lot of people have reported this problem, and I have the same problem too. It's so bad I have stopped playing the game until it is fixed. I assume the developers have an idea by now, of what is causing the problem? Can we get a status update of the progress on this issue? Thank you
  20. Immune...or is it?

    This Nugget was not injured. It became "sick" for unknown reasons. The reason I selected it as HR manager is because it was immune. Everyone knows the HR Manager can't take a sick day. If this could be looked into, it would be appreciated. I
  21. power outage?

    I'm all maxed out on the development tree, got about 310 population, now every nugget year or two i get a warning theres a power shortage (there isn't - plenty of gas plants and charged batteries) due to water not being supplied (there's plenty of water, its summer, nothing frozen over). The tool bar at the bottom goes to zero for a while then returns to normal. Looks like a bug to me?
  22. Major Glitch In Tessla Dream

    Hello! I just recently started playing Universim and I have been enjoying it greatly. But after playing for 4 ish hours, I got to a point where I needed to find different pieces from lightning bolts in order to fulfill a request from Tessla, I'm assuming to start making energy. Each time this happens, and this has happened 3 times so far, I will fail the request, but will still be able to select a type of energy to research. IMMEDIATELY after I select this, when I try to go back into the main game I am not able to left click on anything. Some examples of this would be not being able to click on nuggets, use god powers, or find building info. Not only is this annoying but in order to save the game you must CLICK on the archive and click save, which I cannot do because of my current issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Engineers forget their duties.

    I just noticed that despite having 14 engineers huts upgraded to host 2 workers per hut my buildings maintain their wrecking state. This seems to be connected with the research "Shifts" as when I assign shifts to engineers they stop working entirely as engineers and become laborers while occupying the Engineers hut. This doesn't Happen before the "Shifts" research is done.
  24. I have gotten to a point of 120-150 people in my village now and the game seems to freeze. i am playing on the latest V28. When you reach around 100 citizens the nuggets stop building or upgrading the buildings you place. i got almost 500 units of every material but still they do nothing. it also seems like the population stops growing.. even with all the requirements in perfect condition i never see my population count climb to more than 150. (The nuggets are building stuff, but very slow)

    I am playing Version V26. Today is 10/8/2018. 3:54 am eastern time. Scale of severity: 4 I have 115 nuggets in my world but i only see a few of them moving around and a dozen staying still. I click on them and it says they are doing something or in shock/awe. I cannot pick them up or kill the ones that are staying still. So i tested it and demanded a fishery to be built and it was built but i did not see any nuggets around it hammering it or delivering resources. After a while dealing with this bug. It gets worse! Now i cant change seasons. I demand building to be constructed but nothing happens. More nuggets start to freeze and stay still. it becomes a ghost town and unplayable. I have picture of my city with the population shown above but no nuggets to be found just some and those "some", are the ones frozen. Reproduction--- I verified my files and nothing happened. I saved my file during this bug right before it gets worse. I can change the seasons when i load saved file and then within minutes i cannot change seasons anymore. This happened to me after medieval era. I do not know why it started to happen. I noticed it very early in game but just with one nugget. Then it became 2. Then all of a sudden dozens of them and the rest of the nuggets vanished.. The nuggets are there but you cant see them basically. In game animals become frozen too after a while and they start to bundle up next to each other. It's the very exact thing that happens to the nuggets now besides the bundling. They are all separated in my city, FROZEN! The rest of the nuggets are GHOSTS! I clicked on a hunter and he was frozen but it said he was hunting but in my eyes he was just frozen staying still. The game became unplayable so i saved and stopped playing. IF YOU NEED A SAVED FILE PLEASE INSTRUCT ME HOW TO DO THAT BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THAT JUST IMAGES. Edit: it sucks that i came this far into the game and all of this is happening. :(. Hopefully the fix does not include a reset for everyone.