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Found 2 results

  1. Graphics Freeze and crashing

    Fun little game and I would love to play it, but I cannot get more than 5 minutes into it at a time without the graphics freezing. version Alpha Severity 5 Description: Regardless what I am doing, after a few minutes (anywhere between 2 - 20) the game will load one too many graphic items and the screen will stop responding. The cursor will still remain active, and I can still hear noises of the game running, but the screen will be unresponsive. The more animations on the screen the faster it will happen, but will occur even in the very beginning of gameplay I have tried: Turning all the graphics down to the lowest setting Restarting the game Saving the game Not saving the game Play zoomed out as far as possible (helps a bit, but ultimately it still freezes) Update my video drivers Roll back my video drivers Uninstalling/reinstalling the game System: Alienware 1.3.0 i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz 16GB Memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 running driver version Universim_errorlog_12.29.18.zip Universeim_save and settings file 12.29.18.zip
  2. Nuggets stop moving

    So, I have a save where every time I load it, a few minutes later all my Nuggets stop moving. I can make individual Nuggets move with God Powers (using telekinesis on a Nugget makes nearby Nuggets run away in fear/awe, for example, but once they are far enough away, they stop moving), but otherwise they all continue doing whatever they were doing when they "froze" (mining animation, for example) until they die of hunger or thirst. I've tried sounding the alarm: the sound plays, but no Nuggets move. I've paused and unpaused, sped up the game, reloaded several times, no dice. Is there a place on my computer I can find my save file so I can submit it to the devs to look at? I'm playing on a Mac and the save file is the latest version.