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Found 2 results

  1. Creator Points Regeneration

    I was led to believe (reading the in-game Guide) that using powers more often is wise to have bigger presence in the civilization, that using some powers would increase the regeneration rate significantly. But the thing with Creator Points (CP), they regenerate so slow later game (quite slow in the early too tbh) when the amount of believer is only like 20% of the population. So using power "often" is out of reach, and when I can do some powers I'm rewarded only 1 new follower, which automatically reduced because some other follower died of old age. In many of my playthrough, I've never reach half of my population as believer after the population reach more than 20 nuggets. I can however sacrifice some nuggets to get some instant CP, but I was also led to believe that sacrificing nuggets reduce the CP regeneration rate. As much as I hate to sacrifice nuggets, I have to do it because I feel that the CP regeneration rate isnt significantly changing no matter how often I use creator powers. I really want to know how the regeneration rate actually works, and what am I doing wrong being a non violent creator? Is sacrificing the only way to be a powerful creator?
  2. Yep. As the title says, let's talk about the faith/ believe system of the Universim and how it may look like, or not.