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Found 8 results

  1. Sound Too Loud At Start

    I love the game, but occassionally I have to quit because the game goes wrong, either through play or through crashes. When reloading, after a computer restart, the sound is WAY TOO LOUD. I can hear it across the livingroom when the introductory music is playing on the headphones... I don't want to replace them because your company wanted theme music and blew up my headset, I can't replace one every month. You could make it muted and fade it in at the beginning and I'm sure it has to do with program memory buffering while you play the theme music. The game is a little frustrating with out being able to list empty job positions or dead bodies that died recently and haven't been carted off to the cemetary, I'd like to be able to spot infections or disease spots or infections in the populace with a "glow" of a different color and effect if you want to make things easier, but if you can't do that, then at least let me cast spells while paused. Being omnipotent should be exactly that in a god game, you should be able to stop time, right? No? Omnipotence and the meaning "all powerful" escape you? Let's not get too offensive and nurf omniscience and omnipotence in a god game. Makes for really big frustrations if you want to just relax; Make that an option if you want (Casual, Easy and Hard levels.) But lets try to be nice about finding a dead nugget in the middle of the lake because dead bodies float with fishing rods still clutched in their dead nugget hands. I'm surprised a killer whale didn't eat the body. LOVE the game so far.
  2. No Headphone Audio

    Hey Team, I can't seem to get any audio through my headset, only through my monitor. This is only occurring with this game. My headset is a direct connection to the in and out audio on the back of the PC. When changing the primary audio to my monitor, the audio will play (but not that great for actual gameplay). I've tried all audio modes in the settings and ensured that spacial audio is off on my machine with no resolve. Seems to be a game issue, as far as I can tell.
  3. When the game is in quad, surround, 7.1 or 5.1 the music will fade in and out and sometimes get VERY loud and also has a lot of popping and static Only stereo seems stable
  4. Hi folks! Attached image where you can see a bug in the audio settings using the Spanish language.
  5. Loading and Audio bug

    Start program, choose new life. After loading the world, before the transition from loading screen to game screen. The game will minimize itself and changes my audio output from headphone to the TV. Unable to maximize, forced shutdown is required.
  6. v24 UI settings Bug

    Attached image with a bug in the audio options ("missing translation.....")
  7. V0.09 Audio settings adjustment visual glitch (Version: GLORIOUS GLOBE) What client version you downloaded: (standalone client, PC) What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In the game in the audio settings Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes goto settings/audio and try to adjust the main volume slider or any of the other sliders Detailed description of the problem: When I try and adjust the sliders, the resolution changes and the volume maximizes, making it so that fine tuning is near impossible.
  8. v 0.0.8 - PC - Standalone Problem was in the game client I think. I did not replicate the problem but I would assume it would happen again. Problem ---->> After all of my Nuggets died I could still here them mumbling. Not a big deal at all....Just a little silly. I was playing a standalone version v 0.0.8 and it only happened once so I am unsure if it is repeatable. Thanks so much for this incredible game!!! ....If you need anyone to test new builds I am your man!! (just disabled and broke)