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Found 27 results

  1. What client version you downloaded: PC/Standalone What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In-game Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes - Start game, set down epicenter, open research screen Detailed description of the problem: When looking at the Research screen, you can see that the center wheel is rotated one counter-clockwise based on the color. Seen here, the purple points to orange, green to purple, and yellow to green. I don't really know if this would be classified as a bug (or if it is intended), but it was a small detail that I noticed and bothered me.
  2. Version: 0.0.2 Platform: Windows/Steam I moved into a storm with my camera and the screen showed a visual effect of water running down it, which I felt was a nice touch. However, after the storm ended the faint effect of water droplets around the corners of the screen didn't go away. Moving my camera all over the place didn't change anything either.