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Found 37 results

  1. The 'click on' icon in the "If you lost" help menu does not look like a the house icon but appears corrupted. Continues if game removed and reinstalled through Steam. Also, the English phrase should probably be "If you are lost" instead of 'If you lost".
  2. Build version: Alpha V 0.031 23618 Severity on a scale of 1-5: 1 Description: The Mother Planet Population Log does not handle more than 100 pages. The slider at the bottom truncates triple digit numbers to the first number. In the attached screenshot see that the pages past 99 are all '1'. Reproduction: 1. Create a world. 2. Get the population above 350. 3. Open the Population Log. 4. Click the >| button to go to the end of the Log 5. Observe the Labels on the bottom pagination tool / slider. Expected Result: labels above 100 properly displayed. Observed Result: labels above 100 truncate to 1.
  3. I really love where Universim is going but this is the first release I won't be playing till the end of the content, I just cannot put up with that camera and UI again. 1. Please make it an option to not have the reallly lethargic and slow UI, example: pressing escape brings up the menu, then switching between the menu or exiting the menu has this slow fade in and out. 2. Remove escape from actually brining up the menu, have a clickable button for that, esc is usefull to just press to get back to a default action state with the curser, but if already in that default state you get thrown into the menu(made worse by the issue outlined above) 3. Please have an option to change the bindings for god power (Middle mouse) and the modifier for freelook (right mouse), I can rebind powers but not the modifier. It would be far more condusive having the mouse wheel which controls zoom also control pitch and rotation, most games run this way. I get that the powers are scrolled with mouse wheel, however for me the camera is more important and right clicking then scrolling for the god power would still be perfectly viable and just as easy. Just having that as an option in the bindings would go a long way. 4. THE biggest issue though is how slow the camera is with WASD and the extreme inertia. I get you might going for an imersive 'god like' floaty feeling but it just makes the simple task of looking around a massive chore, keep the camera simple, the crisper the better. Remove or severly reduce the inertia, and make the shift modified camera speed the default, we dont need a modified speed really, fine camera control is easier with the left mouse drag. An editable camera speed would be optimal. Keep up the good work, hopefully I'll give the next release a full play through.
  4. Eatery UI stuck

    Build version ALPHA V. I upgrading my town to the second level, started to upgrade some buildings. Clicked on the eatery to start upgrading it, and the UI is overlapped. I can't exit it, demolish it, or anything. I have tried closing the game and relaunching, but it is still buggy.
  5. Severity: 5 Upgrading the archive after researching the library can have a few very detrimental effects: 1) breaks saving 2) it deletes the auto save files 3) after loading and reloading and testing this, on some rounds, it deleted ALL the game's save files also the CPU use jumps to 90-100% once it's upgraded.. and if I copy my back up save files into the save folder after it's upgraded, the game deletes them... I can actually watch them poof in windows explorer lol also the game's memory use almost doubles once this is upgraded
  6. Improve Camera Responsivness

    I originally posted this on Steam, but I'm reposting it here, because I really feel this MUST be fixed, and I want the devs to see this. My single biggest complaint (immediately after the broken save feature) with the game right now is by far the camera and it's controls. This is a Ruins-The-Whole-Game-Experience type of gripe. Get this wrong and it can seriously damage the entire experience of any game. I know others have mentioned the camera before, but I definitely think it deserves to be brought up again (and as many times as is necessary in the future until the devs understand how truly awful and annoying the camera is to use) During the course of the game, the player really needs to move the camera around quite frequently, and it feels absolutely dreadful. The 3 biggest issues with the camera are: there is a significant delay between when the user moves the cursor, and when the camera center actually gets to the cursor's position. Most games / 3d programs are created in such a way that this is instantaneous. The cameras center is always almost exactly where the cursor is. This is the norm. Any delay can feel sluggish and constraining. Usually a delay is the result of performance issues and not intentional. That is NOT the case here. Here it is clearly the desire effect. There are no options to turn it off, or adjust it via some kind of sensitivity setting (where the maximum value means the camera exactly follows the cursor and behaves as any other game/program). There is no reason for this other than someone on the dev team is forcing their preference on players. Universim players are apparently expected to like or enjoy this type of sub-par experience. The camera movement speed is far too slow. The faster speed using shift is still too slow. Both should at the very least be doubled. Again, this should be a setting somewhere. When the camera is zoomed out far away from the planet, the camera speed should be greatly increased to compensate. At that distance I would expect to be able to quickly rotate around the planet. Instead in Universim it rotates the same speed as the camera would move while on the ground, which is painfully slow. All of this combined makes it truly a chore just to move around and navigate the play-space, and is CONSTANTLY in my face while doing ANY TASK in the game. The default controls are terrible, and there are no options for adjustment. Please download and try Google Earth, and hopefully copy their camera controls. That is the proper way to implement a responsive, pleasant control scheme that focuses on a planet. I know exactly what kind of effort goes into make a change like this. It's not an unreasonable request, and I see absolutely no reason why this cannot, and should not be fixed. This is so unendingly annoying to me as a player that it literally hampers any joy in the experience of playing the game. I don't know Crytivo well enough, but I choose to give you guys a chance to fix the major issues that are dragging the game down. It's not fun to play right now, and the camera is at the top of my list of complaints. However, if the developers refuse to make any effort here, I will push for a refund. Can you tell that I loathe the camera in this game?! I think it's necessary to impress the sheer hatred, to make you FEEL how STRONGLY AND DEEPLY ANNOYED I feel with this kind of implementation of camera navigation. Just how much it gets in the way of playing the game, for NO GOOD REASON. It's detrimental to the game. It's detrimental to your profit margin $$$. Fix it.
  7. Severity on a scale of 1-5: 1 Description: Tooltips getting stuck Reproduction: happens randomly Workaround: generating another tooltip clears the stuck one
  8. Again a button on the UI - on the left beneth the faith counter - is missing its tooltip No idea what its supposed to do?
  9. QB3 - Opening the ingame Wiki

    when opening the ingame wiki for the first time, the place/location where images are displayed is white.
  10. When hovering over the speed Icon and the pause icon, there is no tooltip. One would expect, that all Icons and displays (Food counter e.g.) do have a tooltip that give hints or explain what it means.
  11. After you complete the Quest to name the first two new nuggets, and one does not change the default names, in the follow up message these nuggets are in the text with #NuggetNumber1 and #NuggetNumber2 - or something like that. The Placeholder is not replaced. Have to test if its the same when default names are replaced with custom names.
  12. Missing Textures / Materials

    Medieval Hospital, Medieval Tavern, Medieval Farm and Medieval Cemetery are white in game, showing no texture or material for them.
  13. As pointed out in image, the bottom bar bugs out at certain values of sorts and not updates at all
  14. Missing Text

    Medieval Well (?) Button shows : <!-Missing Translation [Building/waterWellBuildingDescriptionMedieval]-!> Medieval Warehouse (?) Button shows : %ExtendedBodyText% Medieval Engineers (?) Button shows : %ExtendedBodyText% School (?) Button shows : %ExtendedBodyText% Medieval Cemetery (?) Button shows : CemeteryDescription for the building Employment Center (?) Button shows : %ExtendedBodyText% Medieval Water Pump (?) Button shows : %ExtendedBodyText% Watchtower (?) Button shows : %ExtendedBodyText% Medieval Archive (?) Button shows : %ExtendedBodyText% Medieval Fishing Pier (?) Button shows : %ExtendedBodyText% Couriers Hut (?) Button shows : %ExtendedBodyText%
  15. Fire Fly Cause Decals

    When it night and the fire fly's are around, if you in bad luck and have the camera on a wrong angle, the firyfly's and stars can case huge screen decals, potentially even crashing your graphics card and or system. I only managed to capture an slight hint of it but i seen it go full screen to. To reproduce, wait till it night time, or half in to the night; go find a lake where you see green fyrefly's, pause the game, and hover around a bit.
  16. Upgrading graveyard gave me NaN% for an upgrade It seems be case for all upgrades, seen it on Restaurant and well/reservoir to...
  17. Q:Dead Nugget

    The information for a graveyard seems i think to be in French?
  18. Variable Names Showing In Mac Text [2]

    The Issue: I'm getting what appears to be variable names or bits of code in places in the text instead of the actual text. An example I saw but didn't get a cap of (and will next time I get the chance,) is that in the mission text for the missing child, the child's name is in the checklist at the bottom but in the middle of the paragraph is shown as #nugget_name or something similar... I forget... but it's clear the child Nugget's name belongs there, but isn't being populated. Meanwhile, I do have screenshots of death notifications... the reasons are not populating. For anyone... for any death. I'll come back to this thread with more examples of this if/when I find them. Reproduction: So far all I seem to need to do is play the game. It's happening to me every time. (I've played three games since the new build so far... I need to git gud so I can get past the stone age and test more things. I swear it wasn't this hard before!) Severity: 2ish... it's just text, and in most cases you can work out what's supposed to be there, but I'll tell you, I still have no idea why these three Nuggets died, and I'd really like to know. If a player doesn't know what's killing their Nuggets, it's gonna be frustrating trying to stop it. OS: Mac Sierra, Iris Graphics, but I don't think it matters for this particular bug. Images:
  19. Main UI distorion

    Game interface top bar shows an sort of compression distortion, Running in windowed mode at 1080p, it is fine in full screen mode, but shows badly in windowed mode. Repo, Start a new game, after tower placement the GUI shows and shows with an line over the whole canvas
  20. NRE On failed wolf pickup

    I had a wolf attack, so i went and zoomed in to pick up a wolf, but an defense tower at same time took it down. So it resulted in an failed pickup, However after this fail, i could not click a single building, nugget or anything no more. God wheel allows spinning and changing power. Basically ending the game as no interaction input was accepted. NullReferenceException at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component:get_transform () at Game.Faith.GodPower_Interaction.OnDrop (Single throwForce, Boolean pickupFailed) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game.Faith.GodPower_Interaction.ManagedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game.Services.GameInfo.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 NullReferenceException at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component:get_transform () at Game.Faith.GodPower_Interaction.OnDrop (Single throwForce, Boolean pickupFailed) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game.Faith.GodPower_Interaction.ManagedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game.Services.GameInfo.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 NullReferenceException at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component:get_transform () at Game.Faith.GodPower_Interaction.OnDrop (Single throwForce, Boolean pickupFailed) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game.Faith.GodPower_Interaction.ManagedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game.Services.GameInfo.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 output_log.txt
  21. Text in Skill Tree

    The text info for effect, for some perks do not fit the window Effected Perks: Cooking Utensils Mortar & Pestle Capacious Repository Clothing (Example in image) Tactical Evisceration Genus Camelus Slow Burn Power Naps Masonry Medieval Forcast Tower
  22. Status icons over mainmenu

    In game nugget status icons show on top of main menu, when pressing Esc to change a setting.
  23. The box for the name of the Wind Turbine is outside the pannel
  24. No FPS meter

    While the config of the game says, F12 for in game Frame counter, it does not show in game nor anywhere for that.
  25. [1] Missing & Incorrect UI labels

    To reproduce: 1. Launch in normal mode 2. Hover with mouse over various items 3. Some top menu labels do not display (i.e. the sun icon I think) 4. The sound/mute icon displays a placeholder label (screenshot) upon hover OS: MacOS Mojave