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Found 5 results

  1. Savegame Error

    Savegames with more than 300 Nuggets is just loading forever. So the game doesn't start. V0.0.35.25396 Files (Savegame + DxDiag) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aogtal0ti54hf5s/AADUtuA9ur6MisaYG8OfM2e1a?dl=0
  2. hi, So i bought a copy of the game yersteday on steam ( gush im actually at 7 hour of game time) and I think im on the version 0.0.26 ? Actually there is a problem with the savegame filesystem engine , I don't know why but every time you click on your altar to make a save the game start to freeze a lot ( but you can save properly). after you reach a certain amount of population cap ( close to 50 ) nothing will save and when you try to make a save with 100 of population boom. Nothing work and the game just crash. Any clue or pinpoint of what I can do to fix this thanks (i could give one of my savegame file if i get information on where to get them )
  3. I understand not to put multiple bug reports onto 1 post; however, I'm pretty sure these are all related. I was playing the game last night and after a couple hours I noticed some things popped up. I attempted to save at the archive, but it was stuck at "saving game". I left it like that for about 10 minutes when I figured it would take a little while and came back and it still was stuck there. So I pressed escape and attempted the same thing several times. Autosave also failed to work and forcing an autosave with F7 didn't work. My archive nugget when I went to the archive appeared to be stuck in the building "archiving" and if I were to use telekinesis to move him out he would just stand still in whatever spot I dropped him. I noticed also that all of my nuggets were standing still with the exception of a few, my refineries said they were producing planks and carved stone but the people were stuck and no new refined goods were being produced. To go further some of the ones that were stuck in place earlier were depressed or injured, I healed them with joy and rejuvenation, but all it did was bring their bars up all the way but the icons remained. When I tried to assign new workers (who weren't standing still) to new jobs such as Archive or refineries, they would stop what they were doing and not move. The water pumps continued to pump despite it being winter and filled up all of my reservoirs. If you feel the issues are unrelated I can split this post into 2 separate posts, one being the save issue and the other being the freezing nuggets/pumping
  4. Savegame Problems

    Yesterday i have start a new round, and have save it, and Stop the Game. Later i load the savegame an the game was laggin, but it was ok, before I stop it is have save it . And today I want to load the savegame and it load and load , but do nothing over 30min. It's unable to load
  5. Load and crash

    Hello, I did try the autosave feature in the game and it didn't work either a manual save or the autosave. When I tried to load the save game, it crash my game. Not sure where to report the "report" but there was a report made after the crash. error.log crash.dmp