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Found 1 result

  1. This may be a little long winded, not sure. Either way I need to explain a few things first to get my point across. Also Note: Please don't respond with "Then don't buy Early Access!" I know its a risk. It's a risk I happily took with Universim, sometimes that risk pays off, sometimes not, but an avid lover of games myself, even if a game ends up not being what I hoped it'd be. It's fine. ---------------------- I originally got into Universim well before it came to steam. I came upon it in its first few weeks of being available to pre order, and get into the very early alpha tests. It's a game from what was promised of growing your "nugget" civilization from the earliest caveman like era' to the space age and beyond colonizing other planets. It sounded very much like Spore. A game that has had nothing like it since, where you grow a civilization to the stars, and interact with aliens, colonize other planets, etc. that wasn't a 4x game. I was, and still am very excited for that aspect. Here is where my concerns start to kick in though... I saw the post about the 14 or so month development plan to release. I looked at the trello's roadmap to release, etc. and I'm comparing it to what we have in the game now. -------------------- At the moment the "ages" promised of going through them to space age is.. well.. disappointing to me to say the least. Going from one "Age" to another is literally plopping down 3 buildings and tada.. you're onto the next age as soon as you wait for the 5 minutes of tech to catch up.. There isn't anything to it. Nothing interesting or interactive, or even really challenging or engaging. The size of the nuggets/buildings kind of plays into this. If they were smaller, and you could have hundreds more per say, you could really get a nice little civilization going and things could get a little more hectic and interesting, but I digress. Going back to the Spore example, Spore does have a rather minimal/boring part as well, which is when you reach the point of having a city, at this point you're literally just plopping down buildings and fighting silly little wars with nearby cities on the planet. Nothing too it, and it's really rather dull. However, when you hit the space age game in Spore things REALLY kick off again.. You not only find, interact, and even fight other alien races, but you're exploring and discovering worlds to colonize, and even terraforming, picking up plants and animals to populate your original planet with, hell you can even color, and change your original planet too if you choose, and evolve your Spore civilization.. While I don't expect to be able to do all of that in Universim, it does bring me to my point. What exactly is the end game about? For Spore that's when the game really started, when you have tons of options and things to do at any given time. For Universim, I have no idea. There is nothing really explained or shown on the Roadmap besides more buildings.. Is that all we can do? Find a new planet and start plopping down more buildings? Will there be unique new buildings depending on the biome of the planet? the hazards? I don't see anything of that nature either. What about interactions with aliens? How deep will that be? Or will it be as simple as the meteors? Silly little thing they give you and that's it? This is where the sum of my fears for the future of the game come from. The "Depth" of the game right now leaves much to be desired, but I am hoping it blossoms like Spore did in "End Game" where everything you do really happens then, and opens up to you. However, if what's listed on the Trello, and what we've heard so far is the extent of the plans.. I don't see end game reaching the stars any more exciting than finding a new planet and plopping more nuggets on it cuz "Reasons"... I don't see any plans for new types of resources, or resources only on specific planets. I don't see reasons for needing that either. The "depth" is simply not there in the roadmap, or anything discussed or shown by the developers. So I come to the forums to ask the developers.