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Found 2 results

  1. i hope you guys dont take away military options entirely..... you stated in the stream that you wanted to keep things natural? i believe a militia and military is part of growing a world. maybe not make it to where you can have a hundred guys sure..... but like 5 warriors or maybe a couple tanks and helicopter wont hurt the game or change the mechanic too much. other towns need to become more sophisticated like in spore, where they too can create 5-10 warriors and you have to answer the call of battle and match their troops. if you as developers want to keep it more about the planet, i suggest having a temporary military system that penalizes your food, electricity, gas, and happiness, until the treat is neutralized and they can go back to their normal jobs. it gives us players a little bit of military fun but also keeps the game pure in your visions as a long term use of military would severely cripple the economy and your cities functionality @Sasha @AlexK. since you gentlemen said if we really wanted it to let you know I'm pinging for that reason alone. i personally want a military system, i hop others do too and that you guys could implement a mini system like this. best regards and thank you for reading. threat* Please everyone whats your thoughts on this idea? i also dont feel its fair we can only rely on police officers (even if that) to defend our towns from hostile villages..... its not fair to us that we have to fend these hostile groups off without a form of some tempoary militia system or some form of on call military for that purpose..... it can be randomly generated for all most of us care but to manage hostilities with CP only is ludacris
  2. Influence war

    One improvement I think should be made, is the implementation of a way for you, as the god to influence your nuggets to war. I did notice another post suggesting a military option, and I agree fully. With that said there should also be the option to influence peace. The way see this done might be through a diplomatic window, with the ability to click on the corresponding button. I realize the game is still in alpha, but that was very apparently missing for me.