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Found 3 results

  1. Unable To Activate The Universim

    Game Refuses to Launch I've recently purchased (backed) The Universim today. Excitedly, I went through the sign up process and began the process to download my copy of The Universim. I came across a window that asked me to provide the activation key in which I did. I entered the key correctly numerous times with the same outcome. The activation window closes with no further sign of the game starting. If it helps, I am running on Mac OS. I have a 2017 MacBook Pro with touchbar. (Granted, I understand Macs and OS are not the most optimal hardware or software for gaming). If there is anything that can be done to help assist me with the launch of the game I would greatly appreciate it. I'm willing to provide further information to help assist me in the launching of the game. Thank you very much, happy gaming.
  2. Haven't been able to launch

    Haven't been able to launch Hi, sorry if this belongs somewhere else. Can't get the game to launch after a dozen tries and a reinstall, am I missing something? I get to the "press any button' screen and then I ironically crash whenever I press a button, haha. Log attatched, thanks in advance! crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  3. Hey guys, saw there was a post about this but it was locked since it said resolved and it's really not for me at least. I am on OSX and think I punched in game key wrong first time but never got a second chance. Right away I got Fatal Error (including screenshot) and I kept getting it even after deleting and re-downloading many times. Any tips on resolving this or is there even a solution? Please help! ------ UPDATE: Seems to work well on my PC, but rather play on my Mac. At least I got to activate it on PC, maybe this will help on Mac. Will keep you updated