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Found 17 results

  1. November Happy Patch on MAC

    Thaaaaaaaaank You developers! MOST of the visual & lag issues I reported about on previous builds have been fixed with this latest experimental patch. Its running very smoothly so far The only things that remain are :: black squares where nuggets should be when you click on a hut to see its residents black squares where dead nuggets are
  2. [V27] Initial thoughts.

    So I'll start with the news and how I see the game developing so far. The update cleaned up a few issues, which is great I must say, the graphical level somewhat improved or that may be me not playing the game for a month because I was busy. I like the icons on notifications now, I know what they represent so it's easy to decide to skip or read. I like how I can check a Nugget to see if they are my faithful minions or not. I experimented and it's easier to impress the Nuggets than before, that's a good thing. My first use of lightning kinda surprised me, but it also scared the hell out of my Nuggets. I can clearly see some buildings went with some major overhauls, that's very nice actually, I haven't built all that many so I don't know the scope of the improvements but so far so good. I'm yet to enjoy punishing Nuggets so I'll put that off for later. Unfortunately this is where the praises end. Despite many posts the research is still an inconsistent pile of rubble, it's even more chaotic now than it ever was. Dependent research is placed early in the tree while it's requirement is deep in the forest, normally if you have a requirement for something you put the dependencies behind it not before it. It surprises me that algorithm makers don't see it. You guys are programmers and you use Algorithms in your game yet you do not make a convenient way of presenting Dependencies and Requirements. Since you insist on doing the research despite my concerns and many posts about this with which many people posting here do agree, at the very least you could make sure the research tab is consistent, the placement is convenient with requirements AFTER the Dependencies, and sorted properly with divisions instead of everything depends on everything else. Dividing research tabs gives more flexibility and allows focusing on specific tasks instead of chasing after food research while abandoning clean water supply. Water and food supplies are equally important so I don't see why fishing which was historically developed AFTER hunting because it requires more advanced tools should be before Fishing and fishing should be a hunting dependency. Current: Fire>eatery>fishing>something>something else>hunting Should be: Fire> Hunting >Fishing>Eatery>upgrades As I already explained this several times, there needs to be more divisions, less dependencies, consistent requirement Followed by dependencies and more focused work. Currently there's total chaos in the research tab and this is a huge problem. You also extended the research timers which is not a good thing. Saving games is still bugged, although a reinstall of the game does fix it for some reason. Some of the graphic options still require a game restart, if you do not want to focus on that how about making an external setup for graphics adjustment so people don't need to run the game twice just to adjust their graphics setup, most games allow anisotropy settings to be changed without restarting the game. I honestly don't remember a game that required me to do that last time.
  3. God Power Generation, Followers

    After having played 17 hours I've noticed that the generation of God Power mechanic is completely opposite of what it should be, let me explain; When I use God Power to satisfy my nuggets needs then the God power goes up, but I've been satisfying my nuggets needs by using buildings rather than God Powers. When nuggets are getting everything that they need without the use of God Power, I get no followers. On the contrary, if I were to intentionally not build any buildings to satisfy their needs so that I can manually satisfy their need every time something happens, then my God Powers go up. What I'm getting at is that the game punishes you when you're building efficiently and providing for all the nuggets needs. At the latest stage of the process the few followers that I had declined from 25 to 14 with a population of 147. Can you imagine trying to micro manage their needs using only God Powers at that population amount? Complaints without a solution is not my policy, so I'll make a suggestion as well; Make the God Powers generate for the % of satisfied nuggets in the civ. for example: 10% of nuggets satisfied = 10 % God Power generation. In summary I just think it makes more sense to be rewarded for keeping them happy and healthy rather than letting misfortune befall them only so that you can pull a false flag operation to appear benevolent because that's the only way you get God Powers generated.
  4. I obtained the gog version and I'll agree with many people about the initial stuff. The graphics are perfect for this game, I'm honestly astonished how well you developed it so far using Unity engine, Even at still such an early state the game runs very smoothly. However this is feedback post and so I shall feed you back. I will not talk about bugs, there is a place for those, instead I will talk about some things that are not how they should be and about things that are perfectly well done. First of all I adore the Nuggets, they are so adorable I could probably have Elu figma on my desk (in all playthroughs Elu is the name of the first female I have). I like how fairly realistically some mechanics work, for example the aging of the Nuggets, according to anthropologists, our ancestors rarely lived longer than 38 years, which in this games case is true until you research some more stuff that allows your Nuggets to live somewhat longer (fire, hunting improvements etcetera) I love the humor in this game so far but there are problems. First of all, the abundance of getting sick from water drinking, I never get to stand long enough without a Nugget getting sick, I spend my powers on healing and soon after I have to spend them again on another one (or the same one) This is highly frustrating as normally this wouldn't happen, people back them would learn to not drink directly from the lake, I had like four or five wells built and upgraded. The game doesn't tell statuses to the player, I can understand how energy status looks like, how happiness looks like but when I click on the Nugget I should know if they are afflicted by an illness, have a fracture or have any other status diminishing affliction. Corner reports tell me that houses are in bad shape or a nugget is sick, fine, I understand, however I cannot zoom in on the building that needs repairs so I don't know which one it is that requires immediate attention. Sure I can use the button on the top to see all buildings and check which one is about to collapse but that's not the point in an emergency. Most of the user interface buttons or objects have no tooltips, which tells players nothing about what they represent and what are they looking at. The weather forcast and calendar are not very helpful, I admit knowing when a wind storm is coming is nice, but I can't understand how the calendar works and where it has the CURRENT calendar state. I can see it moving but it doesn't help me much when I can see that a drop in temperature is coming but I can't figure out when it will hit since every year it happens in a different moment on the UI, the scale is nice but an indicator would be nice. Nuggets are defenseless for far too long. It's great that we can research their watchtowers so they can defend against wild animals trying to hurt them, but that is by far too late in the game, the nuggets should be able to defend from the start and the watchtowers should simply greatly improve that defense instead of just introducing it, even our ancestors knew how to defend against packs of wolves, you pick a bone or a big branch and swing it around until you hit one, then you keep swinging it, and never move around alone. This game, for a survival and economy simulation completely ignores it, even frostpunk developers took into account that you can't survive on your own. Day/Night cycles and breeding. The way the Nuggets breed is really shown in a simple way, this is actually really fun, however there is a slight problem. I'm going to omit the problem with incest, instead I will ask that the game started with four Nuggets instead of two and slow down the day/night cycle by around 20%, also the season changes are too rapid. Another problem with the Nuggets is the belief in the creator, making them believe in the player takes quite a lot of work all things considering that the amount of believers represents the speed at which the player can use their powers, for good or worse. At the start of the game I am asked to baptise the first kids, I do that but that doesn't clear the objectives every time. I have to spend a lot of power points on getting materials to help build buildings but despite my best efforts giving me around 5 minutes to do so after I spent my power to heal a Nugget asking for the impossible especially since when I put the tree or stone into the green zone perfectly well shown in the system, the material looks to not be delivered at all. And now the biggest issue with buildings. When selecting a building to construct the space around it is designated and it HUGE in comparison to how the building takes place, it wont be a stretch to say that the buildings have 50% bloated required space around them to be placed for buildings. In addition the buildings are so designed that Nuggets sometimes get stuck inside them forever, you have to pry them out with your powers and hope you get them out, and then hope that you can put them down without killing them because the game doesn't seem to know the height. Research tables are quite wrong in the way they are designed and what they represent, for example, by the time you safely get to mining is already quite late in the game as your Nuggets are already low on anything remotely close to fulfill the building material requirement, as a matter of fact I don't understand why we get the refined wood and stone buildings when the materials they produce are not even required to be used in a long time ahead, not to mention the sheer size of the buildings taking far too much space and also being so big they can't be placed near a warehouse or a material source because the placement zone is so big. The Temple is non-interractable, this means you can only hope there will be anything known about it, even it's construction is broken, requires zero materials and has no construction progress indicator, it only says it's being constructed. After it being completed it can't be clicked as well. I left the biggest thing I would like to see in the end product done for last. It has been said numerous times, even on these forums, that apart from being called the creator, the game treats us as another commander or colony supervisor from the get go. The only thing we create is the universe, wit ha single click. What I would like to see is the player being able to literally spawn Nuggets at the expense of power points. The game should start with the player having 100 power points and creating 4 Nuggets for 50 power points per a pair. The worship points should grow much faster, but there should be a limit to how many the player can have, and that limit is based on how many worshippers the player has, in addition creating Nuggets should have a cooldown with 2 charges, and each "Create Nuggets" power use uses up a charge and 50 power points and creates a male and a female with a full cooldown being a full season. Of course the created Nuggets believe in their creator automatically. This game has many roots, Black and White, Spore, Creatures. Those are still wonderful games and beloved by many myself included. I would like to see this game developed according too the developers ideas, but I would also like to have this game function properly and according to some logic that makes things, even divine, more understandable. And please make the Wolves not jump at Nuggets from like 50 meters, and let them build fences, replace the Watchtowers research with Defencive Buildings research and give the players a chance of building more tight villages, put some roads into the matter and some simple fences. The Nuggets will thank you.
  5. Once you are over 200 pop with 6+ cemeteries that are upgraded, they just eat up your wood. I cant cut and process wood fast enough Idea: They should upgrade to use gas
  6. Trees are problematic. 1) They do not "regrow" - they should 2) I should be able to "plant" them with a god power Tree get used up so fast that it's a problem
  7. Please let us hit ESC to skip that SUPPPPPPER long intro when starting a new game It gets really old when we have to restart a log due to bugs and have to sit through it Well also if we dont like the "random seed" for the starter planet, it's annoying to exit and go through all that right off again
  8. QB3 - Lumbermill vs Mines

    So i got around to "finish" the game by reaching the end of tech and building a employment center. While doing so i had a need for quite a lot of wood, stone and some iron (i guess the need for that will rise) To cover my needs i placed 1 Stone mine and 1 Iron mine but a whooping 5 lumber mills all over the planet. This is in no balance to each other. Please consider fixing this in some way. I would like to see the Lumber Mill replanting trees, of course at a cost. The cost is the soil quality. The more trees get replanted the more the soil dies. The end goal is to have the Lumber Mill produce the same amount of wood as the Mines while being in the same spot. The soil in the beginning grass, will turn either to desert (empty) or stone (empty) so it has no natural resources.
  9. QB3 - Beginning of game

    Ok, the start is nice, with the narrator and all. The fact that you have to research somehow goes missing. The first tech is research automatically. There is no mention that you can access the research and with everything going on, the first tech actually finishing kind of moves into the background. Some short push or pointing to the tech tree and research would probably be good here.
  10. QB3 - Research tree Feedback

    Ok, the tech tree is nice. I like that fishery is early. Over all it seems good. What i dont like: Some tech has a requierment to unlock two techs, thats marked with both being red. Other Techs, for example refined Materials, has the fishing lures, Farming and Hunting as requirment, but the fishing lures has refined material as requirments. In the end, you only need Farming OR Hunting. Please make it clearly visible, when its an AND requirment and when its an OR requirment. Navigation via drag and drop is also not that great, maybe add a scrollbar to the bottom/top ?
  11. QB3 - New font

    The new font and text size for the pop up infos on the bottom right look nice. Sometimes I got a feeling the highlighted part in orange was a little blurred thou. Just reporting in, maybe others have noticed this as well?
  12. QB3 - Start of game camera movement

    I really like the narrator and flyover of the planet. Somehow the 2nd and 3rd camera movement, where you fly over the planet, gave me a little motion sickness. I thin kits because its not level with the planet but actually changes high while moving. This gives me a weired feeling. Maybe you can check if a more stable flyover can be achieved?
  13. When pressing "F" to jump to an event and focus the camera on it, you are unable to zoom. Only way to get out is to use WASD or move the camera. The camera then also applies any zoom you may have done before. I would actually expect to be able to zoom while focused on the event.
  14. Ideas for faith/belief system

    So from what I've seen, one of the big complaints about The Universim that I've seen is that it doesn't feel like a proper god game, so I had a few ideas while eating dinner tonight and sitting here typing all this out on how to put the god in god game. First idea: Prophets What if we could have Nuggets that are our prophets, informing other Nuggets of our will and helping to generate belief/god power through leading the other nuggets in worship as well as act as the spiritual leader of our Nugget tribe? Perhaps also being able to perform miracles, as our sorta but not really avatar? Second idea: Holy Texts What if we could have our own holy books that our nuggets read/follow, like a set of divine laws set by us that impact nugget behavior? For instance, say we forbid the eating of meat, nuggets could no longer hunt or eat meat, but would gain bonuses to eating food from farms, or the opposite and they get a bonus to eating meat while not being able to farm anymore, which could also impact Nugget evolution due to the changes in diet. Third idea: Missionaries So I've heard about exile tribes and how the Nuggets in them don't believe in you, what if we could designate missionaries to attempt to travel to exile camps and try to convert their Nuggets to your faith, thus giving you control of them like regular Nuggets? Of course, there could be a chance that the exiles would be hostile and attempt to kill the missionary, or that the missionary could fail and not convert anyone, perhaps even being converted his/herself?
  15. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Hello Dear friends, We’ve been super busy working on new features, balance changes, and a whole host of improvements over the last few months. However, as you know, we always want to hear from you about what you believe we can improve on. This topic was created to get your thoughts on the current state of The Universim. First of all, we would greatly appreciate it if you fill out this survey. Here are some of the most important things we want to know: What do you believe is the Number One feature we’re missing right now? How would you imagine this feature to function? What do you like most about The Universim? How can we improve upon it, and what should we avoid changing? How can we increase the replay value of the game for you? We want you to enjoy The Universim for as long as possible, so we’d love to hear your suggestions. Are there any features from your favorite games that you feel could be adapted into The Universim to improve your playing experience? What is your opinion on the current level of micromanagement in the game? Would you like more or less of it? We are trying to minimize micromanagement, but we don’t want The Universim to turn into the world’s most expensive screensaver. Should The Universim be a more challenging experience? We want to make the game accessible and enjoyable for all players, no matter their skill level. Let us know if you want a more relaxing experience or one that will offer a bit more challenge. How would you rate the game in terms of bugs? What are the most annoying issues you have found in the most recent build? Is there anything, in particular, we should focus on? Lastly, what would you like in terms of future rewards? We are always looking to add something extra for everyone who supported The Universim from day one. We are enormously grateful for your help and continued support. At the moment, we are adding everyone’s names to the game in the Rise of Evolution Monument . You’ll be receiving another small survey at www.crytivo.com requesting the correct name you’d like to use. However, another little something is being added to the game just for you. An early support skin is on its way for everyone who purchases the game before August 28. You’re on our VIP list, so expect to receive a whole lot more in the future! Thank you to everyone who continues to help us address all of the issues with the game’s design, balance, and bugs. Your feedback is essential to making The Universim better every day. For daily updates and all the news about The Universim, be sure to follow us on Twitter , Facebook , and Reddit . We’d love to see you there.
  16. aka "Ooops, we did it again." Kinda dissappointing that nobody is able to keep the forum up to date, @Mirror . Maybe you are too busy though, but then somone else should do this. A twitter feed maybe? Others are having this. Anyway. Back to topic though.
  17. Patch 18: Lizard Candy - My Feedback Hello, I don't know how others feel about the current balance of the game, but, here my experiences. I will start with the good. I think the new perk and upgrades system is nice. Feels much more fluent than before. I also think that removing the negative effects was a good decision. The happiness stat is a nice addition overall. A lot of the bug fixes made the game more playable allowing me to progress further in the game. The adjusted save mechanics are good. I like it. its really taking shape. The bad. The population reproduces like crazy and consumes the food so quickly that pretty much everywhere I have stone huts and by the second or 3rd winter they are all starving. I can't even properly get to the upgrades because all I am doing is literally just building water pumps, farms and fishing huts. And by the time the refineries are built the whole population is dying. Nuggets needs are growing but their productiveness is not really there, I feel like the population cannot produce enough to sustain itself. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I cannot get the upgrades going (assuming they work). Or perhaps I am doing something weird and allowing the population to explode too fast. Needs drop quicker than there is time to refill them and do anything productive. I think it takes a long time to travel from one location to another. Not sure how to address that one. Nuggets get stuck on each other.... Yeah... I have to use my divine intervention and sort them out. I don't believe cemetery should depress, isn't the whole purpose of it to allow for closure? If anything they should allow Nuggets to regain some of the happiness by visiting their family graves. Have lived next to cemeteries quite a few times, never had any bad feelings about it. But that's me I guess. That's all for now.