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Found 2 results

  1. I made this post in the regular forum but doesn’t seem that forum gets much attention. Anyhow, I must be playing this wrong. I never make it past the medieval era because my nuggets stop building/working and start to die. Maybe the balance is off but I’m about done with this game. I have plenty of food and water and I only picked certain buildings for shifts. I have plenty of energy. And whenever the option to vote for any law that makes them mate comes up, I choose it. 😒 I went from 260 to 150 nuggets in less than an hour. The last things I built were probably between the police department and fire station. (Which caught on fire itself and the firenuggets didn’t put it out.) I got up to 1000 god powers and always used it to help them and make them happy. Also that stupid power wheel needs to be rearranged. Why are the fire and tree icon right next to each other?? And it gets unbalanced where the icon does not line up with its name. Ok, I’m done ranting for now.
  2. I just bought this game a few days ago. I do enjoy it while it lasts. Yet, I have tried playing several different games and no matter how I play it once I get to the stage where I'm ready to upgrade buildings (water, farm, engineers and eatery) EVERYTHING starts breaking and they aren't getting repaired AND I have a serious population drop. Nuggets are dropping like flies and the one and only gravedigger can't possibly keep up, which causes even more nuggets to die. I run out of God powers because of all this. Also, the God powers aren't what they say they are. The rejuvenate one says it's only 1, but it drops my points by 10 every time. This whole issue is very frustrating. I even tried moving past all this to see if maybe it gets better, but how can it when everyone is dying so fast they can't get any upgrades done??? Even though I'm pretty new to this game, I'm not new to gaming, nor am I new to Village/Civilization games as they are my favorites.