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  1. Game Speed & Expansion

    i agree 100% with game speed, it shouldnt take me multiple multi-hour game sessions to get to the good research items. i think ive got it down to about 3-4 hours on normal speed. thats too long in my opinion
  2. Scroll Wheel Zoom TOO FAST

    theres a zoom setting to adjust in settings.
  3. Stuck on "Saving in progress"

    just checked, i am not
  4. Stuck on "Saving in progress"

    just had the same issue, want logs?
  5. crash on startup

    i was out of town, just got back. sorry for the delay DxDiag.txt
  6. crash on startup

    files attached crash.dmp error.log
  7. Laggy and the zoom function is ridiculous

    hey op, i think it might be your system. on my home desktop this game runs like a charm. AMD 6300, 20gigs of ram and a R9-270x. but on my lap top i experience the same issues that you mention. id put money that its your system.