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I'm older, crankier, and move verbose than you can possibly imagine. Go ahead, try, I'll wait.











































Yes, even more than that. Now that we have that out of the way.... :)

I work as a product manager, I've been gaming since before you were a gleam in your daddy's eye. I had an ARPANET account. Don't make me give you my geek code. 

Generally, I'm educated and experienced and opinionated. That said, I don't expect anyone to believe, feel, or think as I do. I'm not here to convince or convert you. Well, unless you work for the developers of this game and it's about something my education and experience and (most importantly) research supports. Then, well, you poor, poor soul.... >:)

Really, I'm harmless unless provoked. No, no, that smoking crater behind me is entirely coincidental, I swear.

So, yeah, you know, I'm human... just like you. (Actually, I'm an alien and I'm pissed because the mothership is LATE.... but you have to run with what you've got, right?)

Clearly, none of this really tells you "about me". You know what to do if you want to know about me. (If you don't, well, thanks for reading!)