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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I have been away for more than a minute, and I actually feel a little guilty for it because I utterly ADORE this game and I've only recently been able to get back to it. I'm actually glad (now) that I was because, as it turns out, it's changed significantly since I last tested and assessed and a LOT has changed in UI/UX, interaction design, usability, and related mechanical structure supporting a more simplified (yet, still immersible) experience. So, truly, thanks for that. THAT said, I'm so very pleased to see this post by you because I was coming here to provide my current view of the product, my likes, dislikes, and suggestions for continuously refining the experience based on actual, user feedback (aligned with related ethnography, competitive analysis, and the latest in behavioral and game study/research, it seems). I'm placing this post as a placeholder and a reminder to get myself organized and give you the data you're savvy and seriously requesting. If this game doesn't make it, I will feel somehow responsible unless I do this. (So thank you for that too, because that actually feels pretty damned amazing on its own.) More soon.
  2. I got a notice that a nugget had died and was surprised to see the entire town line up at the cemetary and "pay respects" to the spouse who was standing there hungry and thirsty (but wouldn't go to eat or drink). Each little nugget walked up when it was their turn - appeared to bow, hug, or hand off something (icon over head switched from flower to build to food to drink) and then, departed back to their life. The widowed spouse refused to leave the cemetery. I tried healing her, didn't work. I tried nudging her, didn't work. So finally, I picked her up and took her to the eatery and deposited her gently outside. She shivered on the ground a bit but then, got up and ate/drank and returned to her life. It was a very cool thing to watch and made me happy in my head... so thank you, @Crytivo for that!
  3. I've been a bit off and on with TU, but decided to check back in today; I played for several hours and in that time: 1. Created a new planet, piddled with it, messed it up, decided to remake 2. Created a new planet, decided I liked it, archived it, messed it up, decided to make a new one 3. Created a new planet, finally realized the order needed for something I was trying to do, started doing that thing and BOOM! Freeze. At this point, I gave it the 3-finger salute and went to see what Task Manager might tell me. This is what I found: I may be pushing the limits on things like restarts, loading old saves, and generally being very happy to restart at the drop of a penny... or it could be a memory leak. Either way, decided to post about it here and let the folks at TU decide. (Happy to supply any additional information - just let me know what!)
  4. UI confusion over Assign: Specific and General The examples I will use as talking point for this concept is the Constructor's Hut and the Nugget "Role" assignment modal (e.g., builder, gatherer, etc). Problem Statement: The method used to assign roles to Nuggests (general) and the method to assign Nuggets to buildings as a key builder (specific) create interaction confusion that remains unresolved. Problem Hypothesis: The confusion is being caused because the cognitive load threshold (30 seconds) is perpetually exceeded on remembering things like - Where is X on the building menu? What incredible dance of assignment and un-assignment must I endure to get the specific Nugget I want assigned to the specific building AND activity I want (no, I don't want the builder about to keel over dead from hunger who is FINALLY eating!! I want the Builder who just became an adult and has a healthy back for me to almost break!!! )? Which of these three modals tells me the information I want to know again...(click... growl.... click.... growl....click.... finally.... growl)? Does this building's interface allow me to assign by clicking the empty resource window (click... growl) ok, no.... was it on this modal? (click growl) this one? (click... growl) So, the segregation between specific or general assignment causes the uncertainty that brings the cognitive overload that results in annoyance and frustration in the gaming room in the house that Jack built (so to say). Heh. Problem Outcomes: User is constantly having to "rethink" the entire work model to make decisions This sustainment of cognitive load ceiling through play results in: low level anxiety and frustration frequently missing game cues for new opportunities, content, etc (some of which are limited duration until negative effect; which contributes to #2.1) Suggested remed(y/ies): Find a treatment that allows contextually aligned assignment of a single Nugget to a single role AND a specific building AND a specific activity. For example: Nugget 1 is a nugget without ROLE or ASSIGNMENT Nugget 2 is a BUILDER without assignment. Nugget 2 is a BUILDER with general assignment to ANY BUILDING NEEDING A WORKER with general assignment rule of "MUST WORK FIRST FOUND OPEN SPOT" Nugget 3 is a BUILDER with general assignment to ANY BUILDING NEEDING A WORKER with specific assignment rule of "MUST WORK KEY WHEN OPEN" Nugget 4 is a BUILDER with specific assignment to ANY [BUILDING TYPE] NEEDING A WORKER OR MAINTENANCE with general assignment rule of "MUST WORK FIRST FOUND OPEN SPOT" Nugget 5 is a BUILDER with specific assignment to ANY [BUILDING TYPE] NEEDING [WORKER/MAINTENANCE] with specific assignment rule of "MUST WORK KEY WHEN OPEN" Consider a Nugget management screen that incorporates the current role and allows for both general and specific assignments and toggling of assignment rules Consider mandating that any building with assigned keys, foragers, etc will automatically pull from available Nuggets assigned to the general role who are unassigned OR have spare cycles AND are healthy enough to engage the task (Note: There are many more combinations, but this gives a good look at the concept) Also, you may want to check out Improbable.io and their SpatialOS; I suspect there are alignments you would savor and to be sure, it beats going the bespoke path.... particularly at this early state. If you do speak to them, tell them @thatphydra sent you.
  5. Laggy and the zoom function is ridiculous

    First and foremost, welcome to the community! I'm pretty new here myself, so I've had that moment of annoyance over not having save and have noticed the "got away from me" zooming in/out as well (I actually think this may be related to my settings for mouse acceleration, since I have them set pretty high and it seems the game does, too, so it is exponentially more dramatic with both happening. I'm testing around this now and would encourage you to do the same... let's compare notes when you do, eh?). I agree with you that not knowing what to expect when you make a change can be a bit frustrating; that said, I think their intention is that you have to learn by "trial and error" what the behaviors of the Nuggets will be (and adjust your management of them on the fly as you do). I could be wrong of course, it's pre-alpha and a LOT of things are NOT in the game just yet... but that's kind of why I'm here - I like the early days when things are missing, incomplete, or flat out broken on a regular basis. Am I a masochist? No. Heh. Not at all. But I do product management and design for a living and I'm one of those "eggheaded" people who research for fun. This is a chance for me to really see the amazing process of game design and building "from the ground up". It's actually my favorite part of the growing indie game industry (which, before this, has been all too secretive for my taste). That queue becomes your friend when you're trying to manage several goals at once and want to ensure your Nuggets do things in the order that gets them to your goal with the best efficiency. That said, with no save function and being where we are in pre-alpha, it's not always intuitive and I know that can be frustrating for people excited to try/play the game. I'm sure there are others who can give you fast insight on everything. I'm stumbling around learning it all myself... but if I can be of help, please let me know. I think this game is going to be amazing, but I also know I've got a real rollercoaster ride ahead as a customer as they build out and implement all the mechanics and assets to make this offering "ready for prime time". Again... welcome!
  6. Placing Water Pumps - (Version 7 Die Hard)

    Hrm. I haven't been able to get this to work, ever. I've tried placing all along a freshwater lake, in it, alongside it, nada. I had materials and everything. I'll see if I can reproduce and, if so, will record a short video demonstrating and link to it.