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  1. Nuggets Act Strange ?

    As far as i seen, when they gather resources they don't see the resources close to the epic center. They walk over the planet to get some. So they don't wander off they are gathering resources but far away from the epic center. so far they get thursty and die ofc if it is to far away. Also @ some point they all died of hunger and no water ? eaters where working. Has something change about mating procedure ? seems they take verry long time to mate and get childeren.
  2. Nuggets Act Strange ?

    I can't even get more then 8 nuggets, they seems to stop on that number ... Hope the dev's can explain this ofc ... :s. that wandering on the ohter side off the world is a real issue,
  3. Nuggets Act Strange ?

    I saw nuggets walking on the ohter side of my world ? they left base and then start complaining that he/she is tursty ? also saw population doesn't grow mutch ... ? anyone else has that issue ?