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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I agree so much that I am hoping for more of God game than another sim management game, I love those also, but since Black & White 2 there has not been any God games made.. or at least ones I liked nearly as much as B&W and B&W 2... there are many management games.. I have most of them and enjoy them.. I do not need or want another, please add more God powers and allow us to act like Gods being able to interact with everything in the world allowing us more influence with our nuggets
  2. eatery will not place v carter

    when i try and build the eatery the blueprint moves like it will be clickable and be able to be placed but it is not clickable and can not be placed. I have restarted the game several times.. i have latest version carter. if there is a place you want me to upload my game to show bug or some other way i can be of assistance please let me know.