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  1. Issue: Nuggets stop foraging

    I have tried the game again. And it shows that I have no forages. When I go to the list of nuggets and their assignments, there was one food collector among the builders, quarrymen and woodsmen. I built a farm and put two farmers on it, but it hadn't started producing. I did place a distribution center for food, but it said that the food was frozeded (their spelling). My rations went from over 150 to just 45 when I quit the game and the nuggets were starving.
  2. Issue: Nuggets stop foraging

    Is there a way of getting screen recording? Just to help support finding!
  3. Issue: Nuggets stop foraging

    I've only been playing this game for a couple of days, but I noticed that I can get the food supply up to 230. As more nuggets are born, and I need to assign them to tasks, I find that I can set the number of forages to any number, the foraging stops. The first time it happened all the nuggets died. I tried the game again and decided to build a farm, but the food still went down. I realize the game is in alpha and I do like the game. It's one of the better god games that I've played.