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  1. Wind Direction Overlay (Not Working) V 0.0.6

    I experienced this too and I'm glad somebody reported it because I thought I was probably just looking at it wrong.
  2. V0.0.6 Epi Center on top of trees

    Hey, if it helps the Devs make this game great then by all means we should do everything to find bugs. But the reason I was wondering what made you think to do that is because I'm looking in to psychology right now and its really been making me question what makes people do creative things, like what sparks these things. I'm kind of a strange person
  3. V0.0.6 Epi Center on top of trees

    I wonder what made you think to grab a tree when placing your epicenter. let alone try and put your epicenter in a tree
  4. What is the probability....

    Well I now know the game is in good hands with people who really know what they are doing. Keep up the awesome work man!
  5. V0.0.6 Epi Center on top of trees

    Maybe the nuggets like having a tropical home with a nice tree rammed through the middle lol
  6. What is the probability....

    well there's a 100% probability that my brain exploded from trying to understand that...
  7. What is the probability....

    I thought I was good at math... then I read this...
  8. (V 0.0.6) Farm does not work

    Thank you so much, right now there's no way to prevent our poor nuggets from all starving to death haha
  9. (V 0.0.6) Farm does not work

    Due to the forager bug I thought maybe I'd try building a farm and use that to help my nuggets survive. I noticed my food kept going down after I made the farm and realized that even if i watch the crop be gathered it still doesn't add to the total food count. P.S. Still absolutely love this game and am excited to see it grow!
  10. I definitely am, other than the rain bug and the food gatherer bug (I believe someone made a post about those already) but yeah this game is gonna be amazing when it gets farther along. I really look forward to seeing this progress.
  11. I have no idea, it let me open it like I normally would. (Actually I think it let me open it through the tutorial) but I could be wrong.
  12. Oops, sorry haha that explains it. Thank you for letting me know haha
  13. Every time I open my research window it shows all of the research items as little blank squares. If I mouse over them it'll tell me what they are but it's really annoying unfortunately. will there be a fix for 0.0.6 soon to fix all the little bugs that popped up in this patch?
  14. V0.0.6 Epi Center Priorities Panel (Resolved)

    Same thing has been happening to me. fix would be appreciated.