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  1. Just to get my Creator badge as it wasnt available when I joined
  2. Im not sure...but do I miss any badge... its been a long time
  3. Wasnt around for a year or so. Whats new? :D

  4. Back in Action

    Back in Action Hey guys, I haven´t been around for quiet a while. Maybe 4 months or so...not too sure. So.... What up and whats new?
  5. What is the probability....

    Well...I knew the 5th roll had something to do with it, but I wasnt sure lol But very nice work geek Thats really a damn good answer.
  6. What is the probability....

    Hey, me again lol. Ignore the last. The first answer is 100% correct. Double checked. The fifth roll has nothing to do with the Chance, it´s just a trap! The answer is still: 1/1296
  7. What is the probability....

    My fault, It´s actualy 1/1036 as I missed the fifth roll wich gives you a extra Chance to roll if you miss.
  8. What is the probability....

    Well, the Chance you roll it once is 1/6 the Chance to roll it 4 times out of 5 is 1/(6x6x6x6) I can´t get the 6² instead of the 2 make a 4 lol
  9. What is the probability....

  10. Making some 3D maps of the Universe to Show the Devs as Idea,