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  1. bugs (not bugs)

    - can't install the wall any place. try to fine the place to install that. but it never activates. - i tried to build a farm. but the people never build it but only build stone hut automatically even if i didnt ask to build it.
  2. 1 when I confirm the building. there is no sign or mark for the new building. so, it makes me so confusing. wish there is a sign for the new building 2 when i try to build a building, I can rotate the building. make it can rotate, - click and drag or middle mouse wheel up or down -> rotating the building
  3. many bugs

    I started the game today. and can see many bugs. the texture such as the sun, and snow become red box often. and the fishes in the late look like a 2D box and it not a high quality graphic game but have a lot of lag .... i dont understand. compare to the game "spore" , there are many things to improve. spore works very well even with high graphic option with my computer. i will keep updating to fix. and ideas about the game.