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  1. Memory leak, 8gb ram in 10min, found possible cause

    I dont really have lag, as I said, the ram usage just spikes, even without the usage of powers, though that is mainly in late game, I donno if it has to do with my setup, but my ram usage never seems to go down more than 100-200mb before it then rises by 300mb etc. Again, as I said, i dont have lag, its just my own fear of a blue screen that causes me to restart the game over and over when it reaches 8gb ram usage.
  2. Build version is the latest: Serverity: 4 Description: RAM usage spikes as the game wore on, I always figured it was because entities didnt get properly clean up (and it might still be that), however, as I was messing around in my latest save with around 280 nuggets and 3 exile villages of about 20-40 in each village, I managed to make the ram usage spike colossally, as in, it went from 6gb ram to 8gb ram within seconds. For the record, this is not what causes ALL spikes in ram usage, as sometimes my ram usage is skyhigh without doing this first. Basically, I had 900 or so creator points, so I started spamming regrow (The tree spell) I dumped about 800 mana into creating trees to try and get some of the 40 nuggets that didnt believe in my to be like "Oh my god, a tree! There has to be a god!". Anyway, I dont know exactly how many trees I created each time, but I'd assume around 5 trees per spell, the ram usage jumped by about 50mb ram each time I used the spell. I had been wondering what caused the spikes in ram for a while and I couldnt seem to figure out why, I thought it might have been something like objects not being cleared from memory after they're no longer in view, but I could never seem to make the ram usage increase by much flying around the world aimlessly. Side note: I have noticed similar with other spells, for example, when predators are near I tend to strike them with lightning and then use rain to put out any potential fires, I noticed the ram would increase by a little bit, but I figured it would simply go down again after a while, however now that I've been doing the tree thing, it does make sense that all spells have the same result in ram usage. Reproduction: Spam the regrow spell or other spells and you should see the ram usage rise. I'd suggest using the tree spell since thats the one I used since its cheap and thus easy to spam. Another small bug I've noticed that arent gamebreaking but still its a bit of a silly one, so I figured I'd mention it. If you kill an animal with thunder and then use the rain spell on the corpse, or some reason the rain cloud interacts with the collision box of the animal and the animal will float 50 feet in the air and stay there until it despawns or you interact with it. Also, for some reason the options menu does not save the zoom setting, it always starts on the highest setting, the rest of the settings are saved fine. output_log.txt For some reason I cannot upload m save, keeps saying something happened and then giving me "-200" (I guess thats an error code) There, fixed: https://anonfile.com/A358F8u0b5/rawr5_sav
  3. Memory leak, 8gb ram in 10min, found possible cause

    Also: I was just reading some of the other forum posts, Rudolph commented on another thread with this exact issue, however he seem to have gone into way more detail than I have. His comment might be a lot more helpful than mine as he says pretty much the same as me, except more concise and adds even more information. (Its the one reply on the post, not the post itself.)
  4. Memory leak, 8gb ram in 10min, found possible cause

    Do you do something special? When the ram usage hits around 8gb I tend to shut the game down and restart it, however, as the game wears on, it it rises back to 8gb ram faster and faster, shortly after I reported the bug I started up my save again, and within 11minutes the ram usage had jumped back up to 8gb. And while I know that any ram not in usage is wasted ram, I'm just not comfortable running any program that goes from the usual 3-4gb ram to 8gb ram within minutes, I always fear something going wrong and giving me bluescreen, thus losing my work and potentially damaging my pc. So yeah, while I have "completed" the game quite a few times at this point (By completed I mean built all the buildings and researched everything), it does annoy me having to give up on a save game I've spent 4-7 consecutive hours on. So if you devs have some sort og trick to forcefully purging the memory, I'd love to know, because I've tried everything, from turning all the graphics to low to hunting down animals and trees and destroying them to lessen the workload. Its gotten to the point where I was tempted to crack open the code and see if I could spot what was going on, but frankly, I doubt I'd be able to understand the code without spending hours reading through it, code commentary doesnt get ported when you release a game on Unity. Either way, I hope you guys will find a way, I've been with you guys since way before Steam even had a page for you guys, and I've enjoyed the game immensely.
  5. I am sorry if some of these have already been reported, but I figured I would post them anyway, in case it might put more of a light on why the issue happens. Assigning nuggets to jobs (Construction, Foraging, Mining, Chopping trees) in one game and then shutting down the game will bug out the game the next time you start it up, keeping the assignments you put the last time you played and you cannot change them (Restarting the level from the Escape menu will refresh it so it starts back at initial values). I've noticed that bunnies seem to run around as if the ground was completely round, not taking the vertical value from things such as holes into account making the bunny become some sort of master of levitation. I've seen two birds slowly descent into the ground and disappear, not a nose dive, it just slowly lost elevation until it went under ground. Have birds and bunnies changed places? Bunnies becoming the master of the sky, and birds digging out holes? (A joke, just in case anyone thinks that I think they've changed A.I as the birds still fly around as they should otherwise) The mouse is incredibly hard to see during winter against the snow, anyway you could add an outline to the mouse? (The colorcode "#2d2d2d" works really well for outlining stuff.) I think theres a memory leak, I'm going from 60 fps to about 49 fps over the course of 20minutes, then from 45 to 27 in the next 20minutes and now I'm down to 17 fps, even though the Memory total is on 1375 MB and the allocated memory is on 1328 mb, which it has been on for about 30-40 minutes now. Accidentally clicking on a rock or tree whilst dragging can have weird results, causing the ground to boom and cave for about a second before going back to the normal height.
  6. List of bugs I've found so far, explained in detail. (V0.0.5)

    1. 1.1 I quit the game through the menu. 1.2 I used the standalone since I cant for the life of me add the game to Steam, it just keeps saying "The game is not unlocked yet". 1.3 I used Windows 8.1 2. Well, that makes sense, do they aim for the bottom part of the tree? Because thats where the birds go every time. 3. I know you can throw things with the god power, its just a tad annoying when you're trying to move around, with the mouse, because it seems it didnt wait the 4-5 seconds before trying to use the god power (It may have been because I was holding the "starter building"? it only happened in a "stone" biome as well), a way to fix this would be a "God toggle" button of some kind, or maybe you have to double click before holding?