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  1. the issue ( i think) is that the warehouses only hold 100 total items....which is ridiculous.
  2. Military Suggestion

    I know you don't want this to be a military game.....but it's simply a must.
  3. Can't click off the fishing pier

    Apparently what happened was I clicked a spot where it selected the nugget AND the fishing pier at the exact time. I started a new game and this is not an issue.
  4. The fishing pier seems to be bugged......when I click on it, two windows come up at the same time (see screenshot) and the camera goes a bit wonky....then, you cannot make the window disappear.
  5. Starvation, Construction Huts and Priorities

    I have found that I cannot assign anyone to construction huts until i unassign everyone...then i can assign them to the huts....that said, everything was going great until i built a warehouse.....MASS starvation! Then, I discovered that you have to assign workers to the warehouse. By then, everyone was starving, so it was too late. I will see if assigning workers dismisses the mass starvation problem. THAT said....the window for the warehouse info opens up high on the screen cutting off the top part....bug?
  6. Optimization needed....BADLY

    1080p default. I can buy another 760 and put it in sli....and upgrade ram another 2-4 gb....would that help?
  7. Optimization needed....BADLY

    Firstly, let me say thank you....you guys are doing a great job! However, how far down the road is optimization? My pc starts to lag badly at 13 population. My specs are as follows: windows 10 64 bit i7 cpu 2.93 ghz 6gb ram geforce gtx 760 2gb
  8. Couple issues. I cannot assign people to a second construction hut. Also, my people constantly die of starvation even when there is food available. Additionally, the buttons controlling how hard they work dont seem to work. You click them, then go back, and it's not highlighted. Thanks.