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  1. V12 Black screen after welcoming screen

    No Issue for me. Try running it in compatibility mode and with admin privilliges. Also since you both are using Nvidia cards, try updating your video drivers. Specs: AMD FX-6300 Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 MSI R7850-2GD5/OC Crucial Ballistix 1600MHz (2x 4GB)
  2. The Goal of this Topic to find Grammar and Spelling mistakes in the game and to report them here so the team can fix them. Feel free to add to add you own findings and do not hesitate to post when you are not 100% sure whether you found a mistake or not. Im sure the team would rather have a few false positives then miss some of them. Recommended format: Interface Location: e.g. Tutorial > Behold! Original text: Screenshot or Citation Mistake: Describe the Error and (optional) how to correct it. If using screenshots please include your screenshot as a link and NOT as an image. You can do that by clicking the button and pasting the image link in the URL-Field and leaving the Link-Text Field empty. General error in the tutorial The tutorial alternates the use of articles when referring to the different interfaces and control panels in the game. When the tutorial refers to an interface or button it uses an article most of the time, but in a few cases it doesn’t. For example: ‘The Epicenter Window’, but ‘Contruction menu’ and ‘Statistics Screen’ and ‘Constructors Hut’ Sentences like “In statistics screen you can see information …” and “Construction menu lets you build …” and “… Remember to build Constructors Hut first …” just don’t sound right without and article. Interface location: Tutorial > Behold! Original text: http://puu.sh/olpCM/6543ab3ada.jpg Mistake: There should be an additional space between 'W, A, S and D keys.' and 'Give it a try!' (line 3) Interface location: Tutorial > Stone Age Original text: http://puu.sh/olpJP/ffd570d57a.jpg Mistake: Not sure but I think ‘outward’ (line 3) should be ‘outwards’ Interface location: Tutorial > Construction Original text: http://puu.sh/olpTv/2cc979bf1f.jpg Mistake: ‘Every key buildings’ (line 1). It should be ‘All key buildings’ or ‘Every key building’ Interface location: Tutorial > Construction Original text: http://puu.sh/olpTv/2cc979bf1f.jpg Mistake: ‘Resourcess’ (line 2) should only have one ‘s’ Interface location: Constructors Hut > Assign worker with existing occupation Original text: http://puu.sh/olxLm/441dbdc78a.jpg Mistake: 'Chose' (button 1) Should be 'Choose'
  3. Game runs in the wrong monitor

    In the 0.0.8 patch you can now choose on which monitor you want to display the game. As for the 'back-issue', I'm not having any trouble with it.
  4. V0.0.7 Win 10 Desktop interaction

    I have no trouble creating a .txt file on my second monitor while the game is running (tested during startup, loading screen and while the game was running) neither do I have problems doing anything else on the second monitor while the game I running (browsing, netflix, mail etc.)
  5. V0.0.7 Trees growing in lakes

    Yea @Lucas Norr Said they are currently working on it.
  6. V0.0.7 - Jesus Nuggets

    Not sure if there is a specific in-game key to make a screenshot. For windows itself it's just the regular "PrtScn SysrQ" button (usually located somewhere in the top right corner of your keyboard) For steam it's F12 Alternatively you can use a screenshot client like Puush or Gyazo to capture and manage screenshots.
  7. Linux Launcher - Crash at start

    There is a topic dedicated for issues like this. Please post your issue there.
  8. V0.0.7 - Solid white thought baloons

    This is probably what you're referring to. If not please provide additional details on how to reproduce the issue. Previously reported and resolved issues can be found here and here.
  9. Yea I knew you were working on the distribution of certain objects I just didn't know if this was part of that. Good to know it's being addressed in the next patch or two.
  10. Just wanted to post this screenshot here since it's sorta related to this issue.
  11. Detected networking problem (9), retrying...

    I don't think that this is the problem, but may be worth giving a try. It could be that some rules in your firewall deny access to that specific location for some reason. You could try adding an exception to your firewall and see if it works then.
  12. Windows 10?!?!?

    Do you have a 32 bit cpu? If not try installing the 64 bit version of windows. I think the game doesn't support 32 bit just yet.
  13. Nugget cant mate bug (Die Hard)

    Could it be that you need to people ready to mate (possibly from the opposite gender ) before they can do 'the thing'? Not sure if the game is supposed to function like that at this stage of the game, but seems like a logical explanation to me.
  14. Game Unplayable/Extremely slow/Crashes

    First of all im definitely no expert in this area! That being said, after some google searching I kept ending up with a lot of steam results. So I'd recommend reinstalling steam and see if it helps. Doing a system refresh will rule out the possibility that OS is the problem, because with a clean install there can't be anything wrong with your system. Doing a system refresh or completely reinstalling windows is never a bad thing to do. It will ensure that your system runs optimal without unwanted/unused software and it will get rid of all the known and unknown issues you currently have with your PC. I'd recommend doing this about once a year. Just make sure to make a backup! If your find that after a system refresh you still have this problem, please file a bug report.
  15. Bear glitch

    Please try to use the proper format when submitting a bug report. Thanks!
  16. Happy Earth Day Everyone!

    Whoo happy EARTH-day!!
  17. Planet Name

    I can confirm this
  18. What's Your Computer Specs?!

    AMD FX FX-6300 Black Edition Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 MSI R7850-2GD5/OC Seagate Desktop HDD, 1TB Crucial MX200 2,5" 250GB Cooler Master N300 KKN1 Scythe Mugen 4 Crucial Ballistix BLS2CP4G3D1609DS1S00CEU (2x 4Gb) LG GH24NSB0 Black Corsair CX430M Corsair Raptor K30 (US Int) Logitech Performance Mouse MX BenQ GL2450 Black (x2)
  19. What client version you downloaded: Standalone Client, PC, Windows 10 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes, this occurs in every game I played so far. Detailed description of the problem: When you open an interface with a scroll bar, scrolling up and down will still cause the game to zoom in an out, while the interface itself doesn't scroll up and down very smooth.
  20. v0.0.7 Lake Lightning Glitch

    What client version you downloaded: Standalone Client, PC, Windows 10 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes, wait for lightning to strike near a lake. Detailed description of the problem: During a thunderstorm, when lightning strikes near a lake you can clearly see that the hitbox of the lake illuminates way more than it's supposed to.
  21. Universal Grammar and Spelling Error Topic

    No worries we're all here to help
  22. Universal Grammar and Spelling Error Topic

    Also the 'Nuggets' apart from the alternating use of capitals, seem fine to me. Can you elaborate further?
  23. bugs (not bugs)

    Ohh ok. I assumed that was intentional (for now) and was to be changed later during development.