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  1. Possible bug

    yep i get this as well
  2. Gift wrapped parcels

    they are christmas decoration
  3. You should be fine with 250 - 300 pop, get the town hall to leave 20 unassigned for general labour and breeding. (that's the right hand number using the green +5 button!)
  4. When you activate shifts it will auto-fill all your workplaces with nightshifts and use up a big chunk of your spare population - population that will no longer be available for general labouring duties such as fetching/carrying and procreating. In town hall you need to set a good chunk of your nuggs NOT to be auto-assigned, eg: 15 - 25 in order to keep industry and birth rate going. If you don't have enough spare population for this, wait till you have bigger numbers before activating the shift system.
  5. mammoth gathering

    I sent a save file from the same game a few days back, for a more general issue playing on iMac. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Public/Sprool3.zip?role=personal
  6. Planet Sizes?

    difference of opinion - the tiny planet thing i find quite appealing, it adds a chinzy character to the game.
  7. Batteries

    Do batteries have to be placed near settlements or near power stations to be effective? Is there a power range of influence like there is for engineers huts for example?
  8. Non-Steam token?

    ok thanks Mirror
  9. Non-Steam token?

    I have pre-steam version, wanting to join in with the Steam forum but cannot participate as Steam sees I have not purchased it via their platform. Is there a token or key code I can use to activate it on Steam platform?
  10. mammoth gathering

    During my colonisation of the planet I found all the remaining mammoths clustered on a lake shore, none other to be found on the surface. Easy pickings for the hunters as none of these roam any more. Unless they are herding together for protection?
  11. iMac texture issues

    Some graphic texture issues playing on 5k iMac at 1920 res (any larger and frame rate is too poor). Most in menu items, 4th one i get black square whenever theres a dead nugget lying on the surface. dev tree lines gone - they were there when save game file was first loaded, then on 3rd or 4th access they disappeared.
  12. nuggets suiciding in lake

    I had a criminal prowling about at the bottom of one of the lakes, he had the little handcuff icon next to him, probably lying low while the police search was out to collar him.
  13. power outage?

    I'm on a mac so the save game path is a bit more complex, I compressed the save game file as a zip - its 5.8meg which is too large to attach here (3.9Mb limit ) Heres the zip file link on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r47gdcyqygn8um1/Sprool3.zip?dl=0 [edit]: Looking back, I was quite low on gas mines, maybe the supply had been exhausted, but I'm pretty sure the gas mines stopped production due to water shortage, though this was during the warm months with plenty in the reservoirs
  14. power outage?

    I'm all maxed out on the development tree, got about 310 population, now every nugget year or two i get a warning theres a power shortage (there isn't - plenty of gas plants and charged batteries) due to water not being supplied (there's plenty of water, its summer, nothing frozen over). The tool bar at the bottom goes to zero for a while then returns to normal. Looks like a bug to me?
  15. Some suggestions

    Agreed with shifts - it can cripple your community, not enough casual labour and a halt to procreation, this can severely dent your growing community. The transition needs to be more gentle. Once you get the town hall I set 50 nuggets as 'do not auto-assign' and that helped maintain the workflow. One other thing is hunting, having to keep finding the hunting lodge locations, going back and regularly rebuilding the traps, rechecking the animal types being hunted, gets a bit of a chore. If there was some way this was automated after a certain level had been achieved, just leave them all on autopilot, that would be good. Inclusion of a mini-map where you can highlight locations of various items such as hunters lodges, wells, water pumps, etc. would be a nice feature.