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  3. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Of course, which is exactly what I stated. However, what is being proposed is a closed testing branch for volunteers only before the launch into Early Access on Steam in August this year. And that is what I was responding to.
  4. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Let me try to wrap my head around this all... We have an alpha version of the game that is being playtested by your Kickstarter backers. You now propose a closed beta branch of the game for the purpose of being tested by a sample of volunteers willing to abide by an NDA, before the launch on Steam. When it is launched on Steam, this closed beta will be the version released? As for that, it will be released to the public using steam's Early Access system. This is a popular method for developers to entice players to invest in a game while still in development. This allows the players on one hand, to get a preview of the game and be able to take part in the development by providing feedback - it also usually means that they get the finished game at a reduced cost. On the other hand the benefit to the developer is in addition to more funding through Early Access sales revenue, they effectively get a large new player base from which they can receive free feedback. In fact it isn't just free feedback, the players are actually paying the developer for the privilege to become play testers. This is why I believe you are so concerned about the NDA. You do not want any potential negativity to mar the launch on Steam which will be a very important source of revenue and potential play testers. I get that. It's wholly understandable, but is the closed beta really necessary? Isn't that a little too cautious? I mean there are still thousands of Kickstarters that have an in depth knowledge of the current state of the game that can and most likely will be vocal on Steam whether there was an NDA for the closed beta before Steam launch in August or not. On a side note, Crytivo's preferred choice of social media for feedback outside of this forum doesn't bode well for Steam. I have taken an active role in several Early Access titles and I know many like me that prefer a forum based communication system whether it be on Steam or on the developer's own forum. I personally detest Discord, Facebook and Twitter. I'm not too fond of Reddit either.
  5. Game progress rate is to fast

    There is something fundamentally wrong with the gameplay at the moment and it isn't anything to do with tempo or playstyle. Aside from the above mentioned water imbalance, there is an obvious problem with labour and task duration. The nuggets simply cannot keep up with maintenance of buildings. Building more engineer posts or upgrading them to increase the numbers of engineers isn't a solution and only adds to their burden. This is exacerbated by any decrease in population, which even without any disaster, is highlighted by the undertaker's inability to cope with a large population natural die off. They cannot collect enough bodies quickly enough and that leads to infection and deaths due to sickness. And so the death spiral starts and even if you attempt to keep up by switching off buildings to keep the labour force viable, you only make matters worse as essential services collapse. The Rejuvenate god power was the only way previously to slow the decline somewhat, but that isn't operating at the moment and so all you can do is watch your civilisation dwindle and die. In any case, we shouldn't be having to resort to using god powers to remedy an inherent game design fault. So, I agree with the OP. A lot more work is required to build the gameplay mechanics up to a workable standard. Currently, it isn't balanced and whenever the population reaches a threshold of around 50 nuggets, it collapses. This has to be a priority that comes before new content, regardless of how much stuff you want to throw into the game.
  6. Less content, more optimisation please

    Less content, more optimisation please After about 14 hours of play since yesterday, I give up. I have tried 5 playthroughs and each of them fails at around the 55 nugget mark. There is still the problem of death spirals due to stuck nuggets, infection from uncollected nugget corpses and the most predominant cause is the fact that prioritisation doesn't seem to be working. Not being able to prioritise the building of more water pumps leads to the nuggets building more and more stone huts as the population explodes around the 40 mark and the consequence is an eventual drought which starts the whole death spiral off. Not enough water to buildings, infections from drinking water from lakes and so on. At around the 55 nugget mark the game just seizes up and I have to kill the process in order to return to desktop. I'll look in on the game and hope for more stability in a few months time. Until then, I am uninterested in new content and godly powers such as tossing nuggets around or dashing their brains in is of no interest or amusement whatsoever to me. I would far rather the ability of picking them up and depositing them safely on the ground elsewhere to help them out rather than some genocidal idiocy. Please focus on optimisation first.