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  1. Thank you for the replies. I'll try to check out whether the mating process is the cause whenever I get a chance to play again. Seems like that would make sense.
  2. Client/version: PC standalone download V0.04_1601152036 Issue in game Can replicate: Yes, happens most playthroughs The “assign worker” button in the construction hut does not work all of the time. I’ve been sure to leave workers unassigned so that there were extras that could be assigned, however, I often click on the button and nothing happens. It works sometimes, but I can't tell what is different about those times. Additionally, I have found that if I assign 1 worker to the construction hut, I’ll lose 2 available workers. I was able to find an idle nugget one time when this happened when the game said I had 0 available/idle workers. Assigning the nugget to the construction hut worked as if the nugget was an available worker. Issue in game Can replicate: Yes, by clicking on the text. Worker productivity text disappears when clicked on. I saw that this has happened before, but it still seems to be an issue in the latest version.