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    KyloRen reacted to HenryzzLV in Very bugged out game when changing settings.   
    So I couldn't take a screenshot but when I was in-game I was put to max settings even though my PC can't handle it. I change the resolution and the settings. Nothing changes but the UI is huge and very , I mean vey pixelated. The clouds are either solid RED or just a picture of a planet. This was very creepy and I got like 20 fps. Gonna try out again to see if this continues.
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    KyloRen got a reaction from landon912 in V0.0.5 SLI Performance (Version: GravyStein)   
    Landon requested that I post this on the forum. Attached are JPEG's and my Dxdiag.
    I have attached 4 screen shots. 
    1. Vsync ON (SLI)
    2. Vsync OFF (SLI)
    3. Vsync OFF (NO SLI)
    4. Vsync ON (NO SLI)
    DXDIAG is included.

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    KyloRen got a reaction from landon912 in V0.0.5 SLI Performance (Version: GravyStein)   
    So i can tell you how this is originating after being able to play around with it a little bit. The first game that I create the FPS is accurate and i'm getting around 60FPS with and without SLI. Now, say i use the restart feature because i've messed up and I want to start over. From here I believe that some of the video memory from the first game is still being held. 
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    KyloRen reacted to Greendq in wntdll.pdb not loaded (priority)   
    This fault usually means or ntdll.dll corruption or a problem with memory (RAM or CPU cache).  Also, it can be due to some problems with 32-bit subsytem on 64-bit windows (the game itself is 32-bit). Can you provide dxdiag log file?
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    KyloRen reacted to ArsouilleSlic in V0.0.5 Animal Textures (Version: GravyStein)   
    It's normal ! it's just the effect that appear when you use the Godpower, zoom out and use your power, you will see some kind of wave of power !
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    KyloRen reacted to ArsouilleSlic in Nuggets not building special buildings (v. a bug)   
    Hey @TheLichPotato , thanks for your report, next time try to use the correct format for your report, you can find it here.
    This is currently not a bug, it's just that special building can ONLY be constructed by constructor nuggets. you can have constructor nuggets by building the constructor hut and assign nuggets on it. Builder nuggets (from the epicenter panel) can ONLY build huts and the constructor hut, they can't build special building.
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    KyloRen got a reaction from Michael Nettles in Bi-Weekly Info Update: January 22nd   
    Thanks for all the hard work guys.
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    KyloRen got a reaction from socman in Assignment Issues   
    Dark nugget Zakem,
    You must have a free nugget to assign him/her to the Constructors Hut. Meaning they have to be job free before they can be assigned.
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    KyloRen reacted to landon912 in Patch Notes V 0.0.4 (Dark Light)   
    No, it can theoretically go much longer. You'll have to test out what your computer can handle right now. Also keep in mind that the nugget AI may start to falter more often the longer the game goes on. Short term stability is currently the focus; but work is also being down to help with performance in the long run.