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    KyloRen got a reaction from Phydra in UI confusion over Assign: Specific and General   
    In the upcoming patch you will no longer have this issue. Btw, I'll pass on improbable.io to the devs. Thanks for that.
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    KyloRen reacted to GuardianZealot in GPU Crash   
    GPU Crash
    Game Version: 0_0_9_1606151805
    GPU: AMD MSI R9 280X crossfire (crossfire disabled)
    CPU: AMD FX-8350 
    RAM: 32GB
    OS: Windows 10pro 64
    Able to play game for less than a minute before black screen.  Unable to interact with anything and must manually restart.  There does not seem to be an event generated, other than the event describing the manual restart.
    The AMD support pages have noted this occurrence the Unity 5 engine.   In have certainly noticed this as well.
    It seems to only happen with Unity 5 plus Windows 10 and certain AMD chipsets. (But this is just here-say to be honest, AMD has not commented from what I can tell.)
    Though, it does not seem to be so much on your end, more Unity and those other companies. Just thought you should know.
    Certainly hope this issue is fixed soon, I just bought the game and would like to follow its progress.
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    KyloRen got a reaction from Adrone123 in well building error   
    This is actually by design. Since the well is so far from the pump additional resources are required. This is WIP. 
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    KyloRen reacted to ArsouilleSlic in 0.9 patch death   
    What do you mean by build list ? 
    Can you give us a screenshot ?
    PLease next time use the proper format to report bugs, you ca find it here:
    Thanks !
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    KyloRen reacted to Arlo in V0.0.9 late game performance slightly worse   
    V0.0.9 late game performance slightly worse
    What client version you downloaded: Linux Launcher with Ubuntu 16.04, launcher runs The Universim.x86_64
    What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: game client
    Are you able to replicate the problem: not sure, only played one really long game
    Detailed description of the problem: 
    I played for about 5 hours. I noticed the performance got slightly worse around 3 or 4 hours (~45 nuggets). I don't have measurements, but I would say the framerate dropped from say 30FPS to 20FPS.
    My graphics card is a bit old though. Nvidia GeForce GT 430. So it's hard to say if it's the GPU or CPU getting slower. I may get a new graphics card soon, which should eliminate the GPU as the bottleneck.
    Is there an FPS display? I would be willing to run a game in gdb or valgrind in the future. Although I think I'll wait for the next patch before doing another long game.
    Overall the game is rock-solid. I haven't had a single crash in my ~3 hour game or ~5 hour game.
    top output late in the game

    If you're interested I get get another top output early in the game.
    Here's the whole village:

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    KyloRen reacted to SebastianBielecki in V0.0.9 Sub menu not in english   
    Hey, thank you, we will fix this
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    KyloRen got a reaction from Adrone123 in Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug   
    Sweet find @Adrone123!
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    KyloRen got a reaction from boysonicrevived in [0.0.8] Lakes merge   
    This will not happen next patch.
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    KyloRen got a reaction from Brillo in Stone or Tree glide   
    I posted this way back in V.6 before I became part of the team. Let me check and see if their is actually a JIRA case for this. Nice to see someone else utilizing this
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    KyloRen reacted to jlreymendez in Mass death through moving stone / tree   
    I think I have encountered a similar problem. One of the few nuggets that died in my latest gameplay apparently died of touching a tree that was lying around after I had plucked it off the earth. Is it possible plucked tree colliders can just kill nuggets?
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    KyloRen reacted to ArsouilleSlic in v 0.0.8 - Stats dropping while consuming food or drink   
    In fact, right now on that screenshot your eatery is broken, cause you have dead nuggets in front of the desk, other nuggets can't reach food anymore ( so they're not eating right now, they're taking dish, it's different).
    So it's a known issue and we're working on this one.
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    KyloRen reacted to wilz124 in Crash after few minute   
    Hi Thanks for the solutions,
    I tried updating my graphic card, and the game works good until now.
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    KyloRen reacted to Greendq in Crash after few minute   
    You Windows7 has quite old drivers, as I see. Can you try to update your graphic drivers to the latest version? Also, dxdiag report may be helpful too.
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    KyloRen reacted to ArsouilleSlic in v 0.0.8 - Nuggets talk after they are dead   
    Thanks for the report ! 
    next time try to use the proper format to report bugs you find, you can find him here
    That bug is a known bug, talking mechanics will be reworked later with the new research tree !
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    KyloRen reacted to Brillo in V0.0.8 floating rabbits   
    floating rabbits. Bug is already known.
    It is fixed!
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    KyloRen reacted to ArsouilleSlic in Version 0.0.8 Clock runs backwards   
    Thanks for your support man ! We really appreciate it, if you have some suggestion and other report to make, feel free to send them !
    That clock issue is an already reported bug ! Team is working on it !
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    KyloRen reacted to ArsouilleSlic in Patch 0.0.8 bugs   
    Thanks for your impressions and report ! We're really glad that you loved the work of the team, don't worry, it'll stay that way !
    I just need some details about the bugs you reported, in which state of the game were you when everything start fall over ? Cause there's some"global issues" that appears when you're near 24 years into the game.
    That last one you reported is a known bug and team is working on it !
    Thanks again man keep up that good work !
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    KyloRen reacted to bjswick33 in Game runs in the wrong monitor   
    Yes I can select the monitor of choice after the patch.  After restarting the game I cannot replicate the back button issues.  Looks to be good to go!
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    KyloRen reacted to ShazaM in Game runs in the wrong monitor   
    Thank you for the new knowledge. Never heard of this program, but now I know of it. Excellent little tool from the sound of it. Going to try it and report back.
    EDIT: Having no luck with it. Says to drag EXE or LNK to the box area, when I do I get an unavailable cursor, and there doesnt seem to be any "Browse" functionality. I guess I'll just have to wait until it's patched, no worries
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    KyloRen got a reaction from ShazaM in Game runs in the wrong monitor   
    There's a program called "TvGameLauncherGUI" this app will work on all steam games and other games where you need to specify a monitor. The team does know about this issue and should be fixed in V.0.0.8
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    KyloRen reacted to ArsouilleSlic in v0.0.7 Zoom function still active while interface is open   
    Known issue, on the work ! Thx for the report !
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    KyloRen reacted to socman in v0.0.7 Dead people are not disappearing   
    this has in fact been a known issue.  This will eventually get resolved when cemeteries are implemented down the road.
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    KyloRen reacted to rfmaster93 in Game Unplayable/Extremely slow/Crashes   
    What client version you downloaded: Steam and Standalone
    What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Game runs at unplayable speeds
    Are you able to replicate the problem: Happens every time I start the game.
    Detailed description of the problem: I just recently received access to the pre-alpha. I downloaded the game through steam and attempted to play it. The Crypto Games logo and sound came up after the "Click any button to continue" screen, however the sound was extremely choppy, and the video logo was running at about 1 frame every 1 or 2 seconds. Basically it was a very choppy video with choppy sound. Then the game freezes for about a few minutes. Then the menu slowly begins to load. If I click the screen at all then the game freezes and I get the windows "Not responding, do you want to close out of this program" Menu. I have tried running the game a few times and was sometimes able to get the main menu fully up, but once it is fully loaded it only runs at about 1FPS again, extremely choppy.

    It should not be a computer problem. I have a fairly new gaming laptop running 12gigs of ram, an I7, plenty of HDD space, and a dedicated graphics card (860M) Which I know runs when the game loads. So far to resolve the problem I have tried:
    - Uninstalling and reinstalling the game
    - Downloading it on both steam and standalone
    - Updating graphics drivers with clean install
    - Updating PhysX
    - Disabling Vsync (Not sure why this would help, but hey why not)
    - Restarting the computer
    - Closing out of every program
    None of the above help and I still get extreme chop and crashing. I searched around on the google and on these forums but did not see a similar problem. This almost definitly not a hardware issue since I run GTA5 on my laptop all the time, and I get great FPS.
    Through the "Program not responding" I grabbed a screenshot of the error it gave me. I have attached the pictures.
    I also tried keeping my task manager open to see if my system was under heavy load when running the game. The highest my CPU usage got to was 30-40%, and my ram did not go higher than 4 gigs out of 11.35. This was while starting the game and having it crash.

    Also here are my specific system specs:
    Intel I7-4710HQ 2.5ghz
    Ram: 12GB
    64 Bit
    Windows 8.1

    Any help would be really great. I am really excited to be able to try this awesome game.

    Thank you.


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    KyloRen reacted to socman in Game Unplayable/Extremely slow/Crashes   
    i'll pass this info onto some of the dev's to have them take a look and see if they can help you.  Thanks!
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    KyloRen got a reaction from evilhippy in Placing Water Pumps - (Version 7 Die Hard)   
    I should have elaborated more. Here is a screenshot. Enjoy the game!