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  1. GPU Crash

    @GuardianZealot Thanks for letting us know. I have been a long time fan of AMD but just recently switched over to Nvidia. Their cards seem to catch love first, hence the switch. Sorry for the unfortunate setback.
  2. In the upcoming patch you will no longer have this issue. Btw, I'll pass on improbable.io to the devs. Thanks for that.
  3. well building error

    This is actually by design. Since the well is so far from the pump additional resources are required. This is WIP.
  4. V0.0.9 late game performance slightly worse

    F12 will display FPS. We are aware of the FPS issue and we are currently working on improving this. However, your a unique case being a Linux user. Tagging Supreme Leader: @AlexK and Black Hat Leader: @Greendq
  5. V0.0.9 Clock Broken

    @Lucas Norr could explain this for you. I'll let him know.
  6. V0.0.9 Nugget Priorities

    I doubt this will change. A god power might be introduced. With the new AI system this issue can't be addressed until the new system is actually tested.
  7. V0.0.9 Animals still listed and breeding

    Animals will return next patch
  8. Patch Notes: V 0.0.9 (GLORIOUS GLOBE)

    This is one of the better gaming communities. We all care about the feedback we receive.
  9. V0.0.9 Sub menu not in english

    Wizard, @SebastianBielecki!
  10. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    Sweet find @Adrone123!
  11. Slow Game Startup (ingame progression)

    The way AI is handled will be changed in the future which should eliminate this. Like Socman said, try placing a pump - well. Learning how to play the game is part of the fun. If you messed up, restart and try again. I will explain this issue further though for you and everyone else coming across this. The minute you assign a nugget to a task (builder, engineer, cook, etc) they are placed into logic loops for their specific task. You have a few things that can break these loops. Mating, thirst, and hunger will break the specific task loop. All nugget tasks have many loops to check which is why buildings aren't built right away. If you guys would like to see a god ability to speed buildings up, create a topic in the suggestions forum. Lets make the game enjoyable for everyone. Also, for those of you who have not played the tutorial (even if you followed us since the beginning, i would suggest you play the tutorial. You now have access to 4x speed)
  12. Zoom Issue

    You guys should see a fix for this soon. So keep that launcher updated.
  13. Here to Jinx! I'm the newbie QA from the USA.
  14. [0.0.8] Ubuntu UI Overflow

    Thanks for the report. Let me contact the wizards. @Greendq @SebastianBielecki
  15. [0.0.8] Declining Population after a point

    This bug was mentioned by @socman previously. There is a mating bug that once the bug is triggered, mating completely stops. In 4 days Mother Planet will be overwhelmed by nuggets. (patch v0.0.9)
  16. [0.0.8] Lakes merge

    This will not happen next patch.
  17. Builders do not stop making houses v 0.0.8

    This bug is already known. Not much of a bug but a gameplay flaw. Thanks for following the proper format though. We have some upcoming AI changes that will change the way stone huts are built.
  18. Nuggets stuck at eatery v 0.0.8

    This bug has already been submitted. We appreciate the additional information. Also, thanks for following the proper format though.
  19. Stone or Tree glide

    I posted this way back in V.6 before I became part of the team. Let me check and see if their is actually a JIRA case for this. Nice to see someone else utilizing this
  20. Mass death through moving stone / tree

    Yes. This Is a hot bug right now In the devs department. This bug Is known
  21. v 0.0.8 - Nuggets dying off rapidly

    Thanks for the bug report. We are aware of this bug. Broken eateries are causing this issue.
  22. v 0.0.8 - Standing, dead Nuggets

    Thanks for the bug report. I can confirm that this is a bug! However, it will be addressed in the next patch and should be fixed. Thanks =)
  23. Crash version 008 1605150704

    Thanks @StephDobleS Let me tag another dark side user... @Greendq
  24. v 0.0.8 - Game started with all male Nuggets = No babies

    Hello @ASharpEdge The Universim is coded to have a Male/Female spawn when the Epicenter is placed. Glad you enjoy the game, there is a lot more to come.
  25. @Lucas Norr could explain how the clock works a lot better than I can. I do think its working as it is intended to right now. When you scroll to the left you go back in time (Think central time zone going to pacific, etc.) You also have rotational time which factors into all this also but hopefully whenever lucas has a chance he can explain this better than I can.