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  1. Issue: Nuggets stop foraging

    It is my grandmother's birthday today which is why i havent been that active this morning so hopefully I can make this presentable to you @AlexK and the dev team. Last night I spent quite a lot of time up to 7 hours experimenting with this bug while watching twitch.tv. I tried a variation of things, building distribution center, not building one, adjusting the game speed and not adjusting the game speed. From a programming perspective I can see where their might be a bug from not having food trees around but i'm leaning more towards what I wrote in this post about the way priorities are being handled. Specifically with the way food is being handled. Problematically is their an endless loop that isnt being evaluated correctly? I just wanted to say while i have time here, thank you dev team for making a visually beautiful game with amazing fps. I will see you all tonight!
  2. What client version you downloaded: PC/Standalone What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In-Game Are you able to replicate the problem: No but I will try later and update this thread Detailed description of the problem: In the attached picture you will see I've assigned 7 people to gather food with 6 available nuggets. Everytime I would increase the "set to" amount nothing changed, as in foragers stayed at 1. Eventually my nugget village died of hunger. I did click the + key fast as I saw my food drop which could have lead to this bug. Also, I did wait. I closed the Epicenter Priorities and re-opened the panel with the same issue.
  3. 0.0.6 God Bug (Epi-Center/Trees)

    What client version you downloaded: standalone client download, PC What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Game Client Are you able to replicate the problem: Not yet, first encounter Detailed description of the problem: I've attached 3 screenshots. The first screenshot shows Elu resting at Age 8 with 27 stamina. During the time she is sleeping at the Epi Center I've picked up a tree and dropped it down either on the epi center or around (I can't remember). The second screenshot shows the woodpile currently on Elu. The third screenshot shows Elu at 9 years old, 16 stamina, still resting. She is currently hibernating forever.
  4. V0.0.6 Foraging Bug

    I wanted to let the team know that i have had this bug happen 100% of the time. I have tried not building a distribution center, i have built it, the bug eventually happens. At the start of the game i have put the majority of my nuggets on foraging and the bug eventually comes. I've looked at Mirror's patch notes and weekly update. I found this in her weekly update: Priorities Breakdown Instincts Food. If the epicenter food is at low levels, Nuggets will prioritize gathering over anything. Exhaust. When a Nugget is tired he will try to find place to rest Asap. Injury. If Nugget is injured he will go see doctor if there are available places in the clinic. Death in Family. If someone dies in a Nuggets Family, they will stop working or doing any lower level tasks. Reproduction. When a female Nugget is fertile, Male Nuggets will prioritize mating. --------------------------------------------------------------- So the only thing I can come up with would be the handling of Instincts. Does Instincts have any direct influence on the priority panel?
  5. V0.0.6 Epi Center Priorities Panel (Resolved)

    @Lucas Norr So i was able to replicate this bug on nugget count 4-0 and no one was starving. I can do this currently with all jobs. I think this is occurring from the programming you guys are using when adding integers. Like : int forager = 0; onbutton.click forager++; There is something there causing this issue. Edit: So far this has happens to 100% of my games.
  6. V0.0.6 Epi Center Priorities Panel (Resolved)

    @Lucas Norr I've been in the programming field and i'm just one state below you :). Now i'm retired US Military Intelligence but I got my Software Engineering Degree in 2012. Now my passion lies in 3ds Max and Substance Painter. Thanks for the kind words! Patch days to me, is like depriving a fat kid of cake and making him eat Tilapia all month, then on the 15th he gets just one sliver of cake... haha
  7. V0.0.6 Epi Center Priorities Panel (Resolved)

    @Lucas Norr I definitely agree with you man. I'm glad the team has you back!
  8. V0.0.6 Epi Center Priorities Panel (Resolved)

    @Lucas Norr Just replicated this again. @socman is right. The starvation state is creating this bug.
  9. V0.0.6 Epi Center Priorities Panel (Resolved)

    @Lucas Norr You sir are a freaking MVP right now. The water looks amazing. I will try to replicate this again. My wife has left me alone for the time being but did you try clicking on the + super fast?
  10. V0.0.6 Epi Center Priorities Panel (Resolved)

    Sorry about that, taking the forage count to 0
  11. V0.0.6 Epi Center Priorities Panel (Resolved)

    @socman yes sir i did try. I tried multiple times. Closed the panel and tried again.
  12. Please fix in next patch.

    @Lucas Norr I have been asking @socman and @landon912 if there are any artist on the boards. I wanted to know what you guys are using for modeling/texturing? Any chance you guys are using Substance Painter? @HenryzzLV do you have anti-aliasing FXAA turned on in your Nvidia Control Panel? (under manage 3d settings/global settings)
  13. Please fix in next patch.

    @Lucas Norr I would like to elaborate a little bit more on this specific bug. I thought I had posted this as a bug on the 17th of February but I actually didn't. I can't log on to the Universim right now but to replicate this you need to change all your video card settings back and forth. Drop your epi-center and restart the game. Change your settings again and it should happen. I mentioned to @AlexK (Supreme Leader!) later in a bug report that memory isn't being dumped or just not being handled at the moment. By the way this is my first time seeing you Lucas. Thanks for being on the forums buddy.
  14. world population

    There are currently graphs in-game which show the wildlife graph. You can toggle them by clicking on their icons. Also, I actually was wrong about the planet population, so i would like to apologize for that. To add on to what Kerby said, if that is true then the dev team has a variable attached to every hut built. For instance you start off with a population of 2 and when a hut is built you take 2 and add the the variable number. So, to answer your original question i'm assuming that the total population is the maximum population you can have per hut built. I hope that clarifies things. @landon912 Could give you a better description on this as I could still be wrong.
  15. Top 5 Steam Games?

    Can I keep the thread alive guys? 1. Skyrim 2. Kerbal Space Program 3. Grim Dawn 4. TitanQuest 5. Tropico5
  16. world population

    Total population is not just nuggets. It is wildlife also.
  17. Crash on pressing escape key.

    Githern could you please use this link to make a bug report.
  18. researching bug

    My first is coming in July buddy. Congrats!!
  19. researching bug

    Nice seeing you!
  20. Paypal. I originally sent in $100 through Paypal. I have in addition sent in another $150 of last night for a total of $250. Email: *redacted* / new website. Thanks Alex and team!
  21. Video Bug

    This is a known issue at the moment and I think the team just hasnt implemented the feature for the food to be used. Right now I believe they are just trying to get the farms in working order. By that I mean the seeds being grown and harvested. Problematically, I do not think this would be a huge issue for their programmers to implement. Slow and steady wins the race. Trust me, i'm just as eager as you are to be playing a full working game but right now I'll wait until March 15th to see what they have included in the next patch. Glad your enjoying the game! Here's a couple of tips. Don't place your Epicenter down next to a bunch of resources. Picture 2 huts connected to your Epicenter, now rotate that image clockwise 360 degrees and thats the amount of space you want around your Epicenter. Anything closer will make your buildings build slower because the resource has to be collected first. When this happens the resource gets taken back to the Epicenter and does not get stowed away with the building. So your dark side nugget has to mine/chop the resource, take it to the epicenter collection point, then collect it again and take it back to the building. Overtime, i'm sure this will be fixed. Enjoy @korniton
  22. Video Bug

    your welcome. I hope you are enjoying the game!
  23. Video Bug

    Its a known bug. If you plan on reporting a bug make sure to use THIS format. I had to learn the hard way :(.
  24. Optimization needed....BADLY

    @CTSenge try this; First start off pressing F12 just so you have an indication where your FPS are at currently. Completely turn off V-Sync and now lower your settings to your liking. After you finish doing that press Alt + F4. Now re-open TheUniversim app and your FPS should drastically increase and should allow you to play quite a bit further than what you are at currently.