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  1. crash on startup

    Incase you don't know how to get to the DxDiag Start - Run - "DxDiag" - Click Save All Information Thanks @Greendq
  2. Patch 0.0.8 bugs

    Just a little clarification on this just so you understand why you are getting these notifications. When you look at your nugget ID card and their thirst stat hits 20% you will get the notification that your nugget is thirsty and this 20% statistic is an indicator for the nugget to stop what he/she is doing and go drink water. So you will get these notifications every time a busy nugget is thirsty. A bit overkill on the alerts right? Don't worry, i'm sure this will be changed in the future. The dev team put that in place to monitor thirst ticks. We are aware of the bottleneck issue regarding mating and we did some testing before the patch went live. You should see the population improving with every patch. Thanks Again.
  3. crash on startup

    @Greendq Could you check this out?
  4. Other Known Issues

    Eatery nuggets will occasionally get stuck when the cooks decide to eat While changing resolution, audio will not change We are aware of a hut issue where huts can be built on top of other buildings Please do not submit bugs on these 3 topics. Nick, Lucas, and Maverick are aware of these three issues.
  5. V0.0.7 - Solid white thought baloons

    Most if not all of these bugs have already been submitted. Please check the Bugs and Issues forum before posting.
  6. Game runs in the wrong monitor

    Yeah i have heard good things about it with people that are having your issue. Most noticeably, Fallout4.
  7. Game runs in the wrong monitor

    I'm sorry man. I do know this is one of Alex's top priorities right now. Wish I had better news for you. @bjswick33 did this app work for you?
  8. Game runs in the wrong monitor

    There's a program called "TvGameLauncherGUI" this app will work on all steam games and other games where you need to specify a monitor. The team does know about this issue and should be fixed in V.0.0.8
  9. The Universim Won't Respond

    Out of curiosity, what are your system specs?
  10. Rock/tree dissapeared (die hard)

    There is no issue here. At the current state of the game this feature is working correctly.
  11. Nugget wont look for rocks

    Checking with a dev before I submit this to JIRA. Thanks for the report.
  12. Bear glitch 0.0.7

    Thanks for the report. This is a known issue.
  13. v0.0.7 Lake Lightning Glitch

    I have noticed this also. @Lucas Norr I think this is your department buddy
  14. V0.0.7 Performance freeze during object updates

    More than likely this is memory not being allocated/dumped. I'm sure they are aware but I will direct the development team to this thread. I have opened your .stats file and you'll notice that the memory never decreases. This can occur with the VRAM also which is why your FPS dropped. Thanks @Isorbus
  15. V0.0.7 - Can not assign nuggets to foraging

    Can you provide a screen shot so I can explain this better? I just submitted this bug to the dev team and they are aware of the issue. I just want to verify we are both encountering the same bug.
  16. v0.0.7 Dead people are not disappearing

    I'm pretty sure this is a known issue. I will submit a JIRA ticket for our Developer Lead to monitor/track. Actually, i'm going to try and replicate this before I post it on JIRA. They should eventually dissolve.
  17. Nuggets stuck in terrain/ animation loop glitch

    For the rest of you encountering this bug or reading this thread let me explain the process in which this happens. In V.6, say you had two nuggets trying to pick up a wood resource, one nugget would get there first and pick the resource up leaving the other nugget in an endless check loop. In Psuedo code it would look like this: Is their a resource pile to pick up If yes, pick it up If no, is their a structure being built requiring resources If yes, carry resource to the building If no, etc. The text that i've bolded is the bug in the V.6 state. There wasn't actually anything wrong with the code, it just didn't have any additional check sums. Where as in V.7 their was one placed. So it would look something like: Is their a resource pile to pick up If yes, pick it up Did it get picked up If yes, restart loop If no, pathing check etc. Because of the new buildings their are still currently some issues with the terrain and @socman @ArsouilleSlic or I will ask the devs about this issue although I do think they are aware of this. Also, with your current issue with the nuggets getting stuck on the ground and the mating process, the same loop can apply. From an AI standpoint, the same status is being checked before anything is accomplished. For instance, am i starving, if yes, get food, (method link) Is there food (method link) If yes, go there and eat food (not in a stash) If no, check starvation later if no, next check. Again, highlighting the issue. I can elaborate more if needed but just know that the development team is aware of the issue and the AI still needs a little tweaking. We do appreciate all your guys feedback and I personally hope that your enjoying the game at its current state @silverorrange
  18. Placing Water Pumps - (Version 7 Die Hard)

    Sir, I should have elaborated more. Here is a screenshot. Enjoy the game!
  19. Placing Water Pumps - (Version 7 Die Hard)

    @simguy2014 You need to find a lake and the pump will snap onto it.
  20. Patch 7 bug

    You will see an AI improvement in future patches. I have encountered this specific issue a couple of times but the nuggets do get on track so it wasn't completely game breaking. In saying that, that kind of nugget behavior won't be accepted and will be improved! For future bug reports please follow @Mirror's format. You can find that here.
  21. Epicentre not establishing

    I have seen this bug come up a couple times Lucas. I unfortunately cannot replicate it. I'm curious if he used the god power before placing the Epi Center down. Btw: thanks for the move. Pizza on me!
  22. HTC VIVE

    I did not. My wife however did AND the woman is pregnant.
  23. What client version you downloaded: standalone client download, PC What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Game Client Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes Detailed description of the problem: Whenever I make a mistake in game which requires me to restart the game I hit escape and click on "restart". My screen gets stuck on Generating Life. Alt F4 solves this issue :).
  24. bug the animal dosent walck

    How long have you been currently playing in that game with the screenshot.
  25. bug the animal dosent walck

    Are you playing the tutorial?