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  1. Game crashes on startup?

    Sorry I don't visit the forums often. So, what your saying is that you use to be able to play TheUniversim. After the update, you cannot play anymore? What changed from the last version to this current version and by that I mean, hardware updates/upgrades. And if you havent, update your graphics card. I think VRAM is your issue here. Whenever your Video card runs out of VRAM then the PC will have to constantly jerk textures between main memory and video memory, which causes massive slowdowns, generally to unplayable levels. The 7800's are pretty old these days. Also, I run a dev copy of TheUniversim but you can ask @socman to manually shutoff FXAA via notepad(where the settings are saved). That *might* solve your issue.
  2. v 10 crash

    Can you give me your PC specs?
  3. v0.0.10 Nuggets ignore specialized job

    We might be adding an additional Witch Doctor to the building. With the way AI is setup right now everything is working as intended. I usually build 2 - 3 witch huts.
  4. Remove please

    If @Lucas Norr wishes to comment on this further he can. Just know that there will be some changes regarding the biomes and temperature.
  5. This is a known bug within the team. We hope to have it removed by the next patch. Thank you sir for the bug report.
  6. V. 0.0.10 Lakes appear inside seas

    Lakes will be disappearing soon. So no worries Thanks for following the proper format though.
  7. Eatery, Witch Doctor & Graveyard

    The team knew about the witch doctor issues. We have some improvements in place. Ultimately you should see new 3d models for herbs which is why we didn't fix the known issue in this patch. However, the cemetery issue is new to me. The eatery however is rather complex. The eatery should stock a certain amount of food (I cant remember off the top of my head) whenever that number goes below the set number, the cook will go grab some more food from the farm. We did remove the Distribution Center and couriers were transferring food from the farm to the eatery but I believe they are being redesigned AI wise, so they were shut off.
  8. alpha 10 won't update past 5%

    @zonemaster60 are you still having this issue? Sometimes, the patch just takes an extremely long time to get past 5%.
  9. v0.10 game goes to black screen

    Let me contact a wizard who may be able to help. @Lucas Norr
  10. [Solution] Alpha 10 won't update Fatal Error...

    @Greendq John: could you supply Green with a dxdiag.
  11. Crash on quit

    Your fine buddy. Go ahead and post if you think its a potential bug.
  12. No zombies included bugs

    This happens 100% of the time? As in you can not actually play the game?
  13. Crash on quit

    This isn't a bug. Quit should exit the application. This will change in the next patch where you will be able to restart.
  14. No zombies included bugs

    @Greendq will ask for a dxdiag. Start - run - "dxdiag". Save that and post it here.