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  1. No mans sky

    Do you know any other big indie games coming out?
  2. No mans sky

    I was wondering if they considered it, that was all. The game is coming together great though, I'm just so hyped I wish it would finish early but nothing I can do about it. i really like this game and I like seeing the direction it's going in regarding interaction and features. This is going to be the best God game made in the genres history.
  3. No mans sky

    My top 3 god and sandbox games 1 no mans sky simply the best space exploration game so far and the hype is killing me. I have pc and wish it would come out now. 2 the universim, the best God game I've seen( I can't find any other God games or decent ones, I hope this doesn't turn out like godus, The only thing with the universim is it takes a month for new content.) have they considered doing two updates a month? Only because a month is a long time to wait and the game does get a little boring replaying the same thing over and over. 3 sim city( 2013 edition) I know I heard bad stuff about it but it's a decent game because you can do more than in cities skylines.
  4. No mans sky

    No mans sky Is everybody for no mans sky, it's coming August 9th-12th(depending on country)

    So..... Did anyone order the HTC vive?