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  1. God Quests/Missions

    I'm not sitting at home in front of the game, so forgive me if I get some information off. I've been silently watching and playing with the God Mail quests/missions and either it's missing some "help" or I'm missing the help. The base quest of "find my missing child before they get eaten" is quite the painful quest. Are there any hints or clues on how to find this missing child as the visual search over the entire planet is not working well for me, especially within the time allotted to complete the quest. The one time I was successful at locating the child I cause more damage than the poor kid could bear and well, he didn't survive the trip home when I attempted to gently drop him home. Am I missing some type of hint to help locate this missing child, or is it truly a mad hunt and seek mission with a total luck factor on finding this kid? If not, I might suggest some sort of "god power" to aid in finding this mission for the quest.
  2. The Game broke ?????????

    I too have nuggets just stopping and standing around. Looks broken to me, sorry to say.
  3. I don't quite understand what you're trying to say, but I want back in thinking there was a way to assign workers to the construction hut which I couldn't figure out how to do earlier. But I figured since you appear not to have this issues, I must be doing something wrong. So what I've figured out is that it's not that you have to assign workers to the Construction Hut, you just have to have Free workers not assigned to anything and then those workers get automatically assigned to the Construction Hut. My original understanding was that workers I tasked to construction would be assigned to work through the Construction Hut. I get it now, but I definitely found the instructions confusing.
  4. Version: Part of system : game play Replicate: yes Description: Build orders are not being completed as described "Huts will be built by construction workers unless there are other orders for building construction". Once the Construction Hut is built, no other buildings are made except for huts. Fire, storage, farms, etc are not being built but huts keep going up. Tested in both Tutorial and Non-tutorial modes.