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  1. nuggets suiciding in lake

    Its Bird Box all over again lol put your blind folds on
  2. cemetery problems

    Ok so Idk what I did wrong and I haven't seen any bugs report on this but my nugget who is assigned to pick up dead bodies isn't pickup any in general they have all the resources and upgrades needed but not doing anything about it first link is a dropbox saved game folder sorry its in text file don't know if it will upload, only save game file I can find in C:finder https://www.dropbox.com/s/8m7w1ygcdfz03k6/Foxx?dl=0 second link is pic of the whats going on https://www.dropbox.com/s/znydacqxepd3383/IMG_1468.JPG.zip?dl=0 system spec : MacOs High Sierra MBP retina 15" late 2013 Processor 2ghz intel core i7 memory 8gb 1600 mhm ddr3 graphics intel Iris pro 1536 mb
  3. V27 on MAC :: Same Visual Bugs

    I still have black squares when my nuggets die. God points still show black squares and when I try to force my nuggets to mate I get a black line
  4. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I have a question will any disasters change the environment of the planet? Example lets say nuggets go to nuclear war will the planet go into nuclear winter or if a astroid hits the planet will the planet going into a massive dust that will block out the sun can the game continue so the nuggets can try to survive the apocalypse.
  5. Temp Suggestion for Resource balance

    Off topic but has anyone figured out how to regain trees my nuggets be hogging it all up for huts and I can't get any more wood to upgrade building I only have 150 nuggets. I tried using the rain but nothing has happen
  6. V26 on MAC :: Visual Bugs

    Nothing much we can do until the Dev makes another patch. I'll lower all graphic settings it helped with the lag
  7. V26 on MAC :: Visual Bugs

    I experience the same on my mbp. I think its an open gl problem since apple no longer supports it.