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  1. Fatal Error - Can't launch or insert game key

    I tried to update and it would not so I uninstalled and now i get this
  2. I will be adding a little 2D animation to go with my post called This might draw you in...

  3. My quick drawing to go with an idea for a little bit of content is now up in Suggestions and Ideas 

    If you got time let me know what you think :) 

  4. Going to have some art and an idea to go with the squiggle :D 

    Should have it up by tomorrow 

  5. Gremlins in the works (resolved)

    (All bugs and visual problems found within the twenty minute period) Hello again my fellow gods and goddesses! I'm here to tell of some gremlins that trouble me and my nuggets. Let me start off with some visual bugs I have found: 1) When opening the news log panel the messages flash. 2) I have found ripping in one of the desert rock formations (screen shot to come) 3(?)) Wood being chopped by nuggets and then 'appearing' at the top of trees. (I'm unsure if this is a visual bug or a gameplay bug) Not something that is happening all the time but it does lead to nugget confusing and can cause them to twirl on the spot. Now moving on to game play bugs. Lets paint you a picture. Lets say i have 6 workers and i set them all to idle, it will tell me that 4-5 of them are available but the rest are not. That spare one or two are just wandering off and doing their own thing! So, for a few ideas now. Now don't worry! I know that it's alpha and the nuggets have enough on their plates just trying not to get stuck on the dead piling up at their feet or, well just walking can be a little bit of a struggle at times. 1) Animal attacks could be a fun little addition if there are no plans there already . Come on, who wouldnt enjoy seeing a wolf carrying off a nugget? That might just be me.... 2) Again, this may be something that just hasn't been implemented yet, but I'd like to see the cold whether affecting my nuggets. They need something to strive against! 3) Now for one I KNOW is meant to be in the game but is just a little bugged right now (Whooo! I found one!) If you zoom your camera out as far as it will go and you will not see your construction huts from space yet you can see all other buildings. (Side note. Areas under construction look like there is shadow ripping until the building appears fully built) All and all still getting my teeth into this game and can't find that chew toy of a bug to really have rant about, so for now this god will keep looking for the bugs that vex my people. If this is my last post before the new year then I wish you all the best, until next time. Let your times be merry