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  1. v.0.0.2 ghost workers (BUG SUBMITTED JIRA TU-338)

    In my own games, nuggets assigned to buildings ARE accounted for in the Epicenter window, but ARE NOT considered available. 5 total workers with 2 assigned to buildings will result in only 3 being assignable and accounted for. Not actually a bug so much as a need for more accurate info in the epicenter window. Since they're already working on improving Nugget management it's a safe bet it won't be an issue a few patches from now.
  2. some bugs in first patch (resolved)

    Great, thanks for the quick feedback! Regarding the research adjustments, will research eventually be a much slower process? At the current rate, assuming you had the funds, you could upgrade the full trees in a matter of minutes. If research took considerably longer it would make the decision of 'what to research next' a lot more meaningful. I understand right now the game is pretty short on our end so fast research time may be necessary temporarily.
  3. 1. Clicking right mouse still forces cursor to center of screen 2. research no longer has any costs 3. nugget breeding feels over corrected, played games where my usable nugget count never got higher than 5 because they were dying and breeding at the same rate even though total population was over 80 4. dead nuggets continue to age, clicking on corpse showed some of them aging into the hundreds
  4. Epicenter Priority window bugs

    Haha I thought it might be something like that. I knew it kind of seemed like latin, but I thought no way they wrote in that much latin on accident so I assumed it had to be Italian or something lol. My first time helping with a project this early in the process. Thanks for the info =).
  5. Topic Title: Lag Build number: in my signature What version you downloaded: dashboard download for PC What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: client itself Are you able to replicate the problem: yes happens each game Detailed description of the problem: in the epicenter window there is a Nugget button near the bottom you can use to instantly generate Nuggets, when I use it to get upwards of 50+ Nuggets the shear amount of activity on the screen destroys my frame rate and all the Nuggets start to get all stop-motion like as they move around. Puts serious stress on my machine. Given that the graphics aren't actually very extreme I wasn't sure if this was just a graphics card issue or if it had more to do with the 20 minute demo lock and the AI just getting way over worked.
  6. Launcher "Fatal Error"

    Yep that's it. Sorry it didn't work. =( Do they even have a customer service or technical assistance team yet? Good question to ask now I guess lol.
  7. Workers not doing assigned task (resolved)

    There is a 20 minute hard lock on the game, this is a PRE-alpha version so this is very much similar to a demo and obviously not the final game. At 20 minutes of play time all research stops working and nuggets won't work and begin to starve. However, if this is happening PRE-20 minutes in, definitely come back and let them know.
  8. Does not load

    Try right clicking on your shortcut or launcher file and Run as Admin. Otherwise uninstall and redownload/install the game and double check your Activation Key if still prompted. This worked for me at least. Good luck hope you get it running. When you do keep in mind that there is a 20 minute hard lock on the game right now since they only have some Stone Age stuff working right now. After 20 minutes your Nuggets will stop working and starve but its still fun to get them going and help find bugs. =D Good luck!
  9. Launcher "Fatal Error"

    I had this same issue because I typed the activation key wrong. Uninstall the game from your machine and redownload/install it. Make sure your key is good and you should be set. Got mine going on the second time around. Also just to mention that yes there is a hard lock on the game. This is still in PRE-alpha which means it isn't even technically in alpha yet. Right now there is a 20 minute hard lock on the game. You can research and build relatively well for 20 minutes but after that your Nuggets will stop working and starve to death essentially. Still thought its pretty fun and a good chance to help the devs get some early bugs fixed. Good luck and have fun with your world domination!
  10. Research Stuck

    As with many other issues, it is probably the 20 minute hard lock on the demo. Test again to see if these issues are happening pre-lock and submit again in the bug forum using this format: Topic Title: (A Short Description of Bug or issue) Build number: you can find this in the upper left corner of the game window. What version you downloaded: (Steam version or dashboard download, PC/Mac/Lunix) What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: (was it with the launcher/patcher or with the game client it's self) Are you able to replicate the problem: (if yes please detail the steps used to replicate it) Detailed description of the problem: Please be as thorough as possible. Include any screen shots if you have them.
  11. Collection of bugs I found

    The demo hard locks at 20 minutes, if any of this happened after that cutoff time then the lock is probably why. Test again and see if this happens prior to 20 minutes and report again would be my suggestion.
  12. Epicenter Priority window bugs

    Topic Title:Epicenter Window issues Build number: 0.0.1.* What version you downloaded: dashboard download for PC What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: client itself Are you able to replicate the problem: yes, happens reliably in each game Detailed description of the problem: In the window Epicenter Priorities where you assign jobs, on the left side is a little " i " you can click on for more information. When I open mine all the writing is in either Italian or Spanish, don't speak either so I'm not sure which. Topic Title: Developer Buttons Build number: 0.0.1.* What version you downloaded: dashboard for PC What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: client Are you able to replicate the problem: yes, reliably happens in each game Detailed description of the problem: Within the Epicenter Priority window, near the bottom there are 2 icons. One representing a Nugget, and the other a skull and crossbones. Clicking on the nugget icon rapidly spawns new nuggets, the skull and crossbones kills them. I assume these are tools you guys are using to mass produce populations in order to do your work, but they probably shouldn't be accessible to the End User unless you all want us to use them for our own testing as well during the alpha/beta process.
  13. Hard Lock at 20 Minutes

    When you start a fresh game there is a window that pops up Welcoming you to Universim and thanking you for supporting the game. In that window, about a paragraph long, it states plainly that this is a 20 minute Demo. Now I just got the game today, so I don't know if that welcome message is something recently added or not, but I noticed it pretty clearly. Just my personal experience. Good luck and enjoy your global domination.
  14. Hi guys! I just purchased the $100 Brontosaurus package and I'm posting here to get my Forum Badge. I'm assuming it was the new website since it was just done today and I paid through PayPal. Can't wait to see how the game progresses! Thanks! Edit: I think I finalized my community account authorization email before I finalized my homepage authorization email. Not sure if that matters but just a heads up if it does. =D