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  1. I noticed when i putted specialized buildings on the map, and i have two people that is positioned as builders are not building the specilized buildings, just huts.
  2. Game crashes when setting up research

    Build V. Dashboard PC version. I encountered the issue from the game client itself. and i was able to repeat the issue several times: When i started the game, everything seems to be working well, althrough the rate of growth to me seems a tad too slow. However when i started doing research, the first few that i picked out worked out. Then after choosing the 7th topic to be researched, and leaving the research tab back to the world, when it was finished and i clicked on it, the game crashes. And a window error checking comes out. Greg
  3. Bug report #1

    For every game i started, the mouse is not clickable on any tabs in the game but the top bar only, I had to move the mouse few mm down in order to be able to click on the tabs of the game.The same problem showed up whenever i tried to click on nuggets or buildings. I also noticed that when I try to access more information on people, buildings or anything that would give, i was getting a different language instead of English. I am assuming that is part of the alpha process. But the other bugs that i noticed was already reported by other players. So i don't need to repeat them. However the game is looking good so far, i look ever forward to playing the game when it is completed, I will try my best to send more reports on bugs and issues of the game.