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  1. Crash on Startup: Windows PC Users

    Please everyone, let's add everytime the more information you can, give us your spec, crash log and DX Diag ! Thanks everyone for reporting it !
  2. A Few Bugs

    are you able to reproduce the first issue ? I was able to reproduce it once but after that I can't reproduce it anymore, I know for sure that it's related to the tutorial but if you have more information about it I'll take them with pleasure !! others issue are known, forget the clock for now she's totally broken ? Thanks for your help !!
  3. Kerbal Space Program

    i play it stock, that game don't need mod to have interesting gameplay so i still try to finish it completely first
  4. Kerbal Space Program

    I am, that's a really cool game, probably one of the best space simulation right now
  5. Engineer Hut

    Engineers utility will change in the future, they'll be used only to repair building, and provide tools to normal builders, which they'll not be used to build cause every nuggets will be able to build everything Anyway thanks for the report! Next time try to use the proper format to report your issues, you can find it here
  6. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    Ok thanks ! I'll take a close look at that issue to figure to reproduce it ! Good Catch btw !
  7. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    @Adrone123 Thanks for the report ! I've already seen that issue recently, but can't really understand what is causing it, do you have an idea of what action cause this ? I'm pretty sure that it was when he drop the resources on the floor for the construction, can you confirm this for you too ?
  8. 0.9 patch death

    What do you mean by build list ? Can you give us a screenshot ? PLease next time use the proper format to report bugs, you ca find it here: Thanks !
  9. It's related to Thirst, it's a known issue, the though Mechanic will be reworked, so it'll disappear later. Thanks for the report !
  10. Patch Notes: V 0.0.9 (GLORIOUS GLOBE)

    We really appreciate that you love that patch guys !
  11. Patch Notes: V 0.0.9 (GLORIOUS GLOBE)

    Alex wants it to be made in Russia....
  12. Camera Bug on Nugget Selection

    Thanks for the report, it's a known bug, @Lucas Norr is working on this one !
  13. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    can you take a screenshot of this ? There's different bushes in the game right now, some of them are providing food to your nuggets and other ones are here for decoration, you shouldn't be able to build on firsts one and second one should be destroyed when you build on them.
  14. @socman you can take it manually Oh ! now i got it too
  15. Observations

    Thanks for your report man ! 1/ New AI will come, those issue will probably be resolved with it, remember that you can change priority of the workers in the epicenter panel by clicking on the rabbit/cheetah/turtle, look at the tooltip to know what it change. 2/ send us your crash log, it's in your The Universim folder directly (probably C:/programfilesx86/.....) 3/ Same as 1/ with the new AI, it'll change completely, everyone will build everything. Look at announcement section to see what is going to change with the new AI 4/Will take a look on it Thanks ! 5/ V.9 6/ Night will be darker in v.9, everything will change when the fire will came back into the game ! i'll take a look on this one too ! Thanks again Patch will be out in 3 days, i'm waiting for your V.9 report !