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  1. Kerbal Space Program

    i play it stock, that game don't need mod to have interesting gameplay so i still try to finish it completely first
  2. Kerbal Space Program

    I am, that's a really cool game, probably one of the best space simulation right now
  3. @socman you can take it manually Oh ! now i got it too
  4. Android News App

    hmm can you made it in Windows phone ?? YES, i know i'm the only one on earth with windows phone...
  5. Leider nur auf Deutsch. Sorry.

    Die Nuggets steckten fest bevor eine Leiche die Eatery blockierte.

    Dann verhungerten die Nuggets und so kamen die Leichen.

    Zu Anfang standen die Nuggets alle da nahmen kein Essen.

    Getränke haben die Nuggets genommen.










  6. What is the probability....

    if you got some suggestion/idea you can post them right here Feel free to say everything you want ! what you loved from other game and want to see in The Universim, what you hate and don't want to see, new species, new planet, new buildings, concept..... EVERYTHING !!! Every idea/feedback is interesting so go on buddy ! just do it !
  7. What is the probability....

    i get lost at "five times"... Damn mathematics !
  8. Update Launcher issues

    If you see some other issue to add send me a mp, i'll update the topic if needed.
  9. If you have an issue when updating or downloading the game, restart the launcher in Administer Mode. If the issue persists, continue reading. Known Issues: Percentage is Stuck Problem: The launcher is stuck at a certain percentage and is not continuing. Sometimes a glitch occurs with the progress ring; however, the update is still successfully continuing. Notice that the byte counter is still growing and the speed is still being updated correctly. Usually the counter gets stuck on a low percentage. Detected Networking Problem Problem: While downloading the game, the launcher may change it's status to "Detected networking problem(x), retrying...". This issue occurs when the launcher temporarily loses connection or has trouble downloading a file. When the launcher is having trouble downloading a file, it retries up to nine times(the current retry attempt is noted by the number in the parentheses) before exiting. If this problem occurs, please make sure you have an active internet connection and attempt the download later. Uninstalling the game will not fix this issue and only elongate your download time. I Get a Fatal Error When I Run The Game Problem: I've run the game and see this message: This is an ongoing technical issue, report this to the development team with your system statistics, operating system, and any other relevant information. If you are on Windows or Linux and have already downloaded an early build, you can play that build by locating the Universim install location and running TheUniversim.exe directly. I Get a 404 Error When Running the Game If you receive HTTP 404 this mean you entered your key incorrectly. The key should be entered as it is displayed in dashboard, it is case sensitive, i.e. xxxxx-yyyyy-zzzzz and XXXXX-YYYYY-ZZZZZ are DIFFERENT keys. Also, take attention to 0 (zero) and O (ou), 1 (one) and I (i). To fix this you must manually re-enter your key by doing the following: On Windows and Linux: delete the file named "key.dat" near the game (or launcher) executable.On Mac OS X you should run terminal window and do the following:cd path-where-you-unpacked-launcher/The Universim Launcher.app/Contents/rm key.datOr in One Command:rm path-where-you-unpacked-launcher/The Universim Launcher.app/Contents/key.datThe next version of the launcher will have fixes for these issues including an automatic way to re-enter the game key. --------------------------------------------------------------------- If (AND ONLY IF) you find an other issue or try all this stuff but your update is still failing, send a MP to @Greendq with all information you can provide (your spec, screenshot, dxdiag...)