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    TTM_Gamer reacted to SnorlaxRae in Dev Blog "HOW YOUR CHOICES MATTER IN THE UNIVERSIM"   
    I've said this in the discord but I wanted to say it here as well:
    I agree that, while I found them funny, references to real world politics needs to be nixed from the game. I love the idea of these special nuggets but they should be celebrating the scientists, engineers, artists and musicians, as Civilization did but, of course, with a nugget-themed spin.
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    TTM_Gamer reacted to Greendq in Linux launcher and updater   
    Dear players!
    You can download Linux version of the game launcher and updater here:
    1) Unpack the archive on your desktop or any other directory where you have write permissions (and free space).
    2) Run the file named TheUniversimLauncher - this is Mono-bundled executable.
    3) Enter your game key
    4) Update your version to the latest one.
    5) Run the game
    Please, note: to comply Mono license, we provide unbundled executable TheUniversimLauncher.exe in the same directory. You can run it using latest Mono runtime. Bundle is 64-bit executable and tested under Debian Jessie.
    Also, note, launcher will run 64-bit version version of the game, you can run 32-bit version of the game manually, it is in the directory "The Universim".
    Please, report bugs and ask your questions in this topic.