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  1. The power of minestery ?

    So it depends on the ministers you have assigned to your town hall. I've had them remove workers from buildings because I didn't have enough laborers, I've had them build additional buildings if they felt I didn't have enough. For example I had only two hospitals, the minister opted to build 4 additional hospitals even though two was fine. So it depends on what assignment the minister is, that's what he/she will opt to build but only if they feel it's necessary. Though I find them a bit overzelous. I like that they auto assign workers for me, I don't like that they unassign workers to fill the labor market instead of having a minister that can increase the population cap Also education can improve a minister's skills, but I'm not exactly sure yet how effective that is
  2. Exile Orators

    What I found is they are a random villager from the exile villages. There's no easy way to find them but you have to sometimes look around the edges of your village and click on different villagers till you find one from an exile villager. Usually I pick them up and drop them in water cause other attempts to remove them cause them to eventually wander back to the village to wreck more havoc on the village
  3. Prioritize Upgrades

    I still would like to see a priority tab for upgrades. The one for the buildings work awesome most of the time but sometimes when you require an upgrade and you want it to happen earlier than the queue there's nothing you can do until your nuggets go through the entire building and upgrade queue just to get to a particular upgrade you want to have happen earlier and sometimes that queue can be quite extensive between me placing upcoming builds/upgrades and the nuggets building more housing
  4. Nuggets never working in buildings

    I'm wondering if the person even manually assigned the nuggets to begin with. I've never had a problem with building assignments in my games
  5. Gas use priority

    I was wondering about this myself actually. I thought it was because I didn't have enough gas plants
  6. I actually found this to be quite refreshing Was fun having some of the late game builds built without burning through extra resources. I was able to see the pyramids, tower, and nortre dame I believe it is all built this way I'm sure that will get fixed eventually but will enjoy while it's there
  7. Buildings falling apart

    Just curious did you happen to research any of the ministers and applied them at your town hall? I've found the ministers will remove workers if they need a larger labor force. So if you did this you could find your engineers working other tasks then being put back in as engineers again and this repeating enough that they fail to do the repair work
  8. 20 min cap clearer

    What's interesting is I think the cap is linked to how advanced your world actually is. I reached a point of being able to place and build a farm and suddenly I couldn't do any additional research. I think the point when you can build farming based mechanisms the game stops because that's the point normal civilization would have moved outside the stone age. And I'm guessing most average folks would be in the stone age for about 20 minutes before reaching further levels Edit: Looks like it's just simply 20 minutes that's it I topped out at 27 and 5 children. I couldn't have any more after that so I suspect that could be the limit and/or when you are able to build a farm? Will have to play again and see what happens if I avoid the farm Edit: Nope it looks like once the 20 minutes is hit then the game just stops. You can't research any more and you can't build any more.
  9. [Resolved] Can't Place Cemetary

    This is the issue. The cemetary is actually not locked. It's supposed to be locked until after you've researched the option for it. The game actually has a 20 minute timer then it's supposed to stop (if we can have a timer or something to tell us because I was able to go as far as the farm and wherehouse upgrade then couldn't tell that the game stopped because it hit the 20 minute limit. I realized this after I couldn't do any addtional research and couldn't build any more buildings)