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  1. Game crashes upon game start.

    @Magecoerlin I've included the output log since the crash folder is empty. output_log.txt
  2. Game crashes upon game start.

    I've let it sit there for at least 20 minutes a few times in a row. It's failed every time. Haven't been able to play the game at all so far. I hope a fix comes in sometime soon.
  3. Game crashes upon game start.

    Version : The gif included shows that after clicking "Start New Life" the game begins to load and then after about 7 seconds the background and loading icon freezes which is followed by "Universim.exe is not responding" b752001083b6c2011005e0dd178f4bc3.mp4 I could not find any logs in either my user appdata directory nor the universim directory on my hard drive. Computer Stats: I've tried verifying the game files via steam, deleting and reinstalling the game, updating/reinstalling my graphics card driver, as well as defragmenting my hard drives. If there is another file path that includes the log files please let me know where i can find them so that I may post them. Furthermore, I'm running the newest version of Windows 10.