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  1. v23 Update won't download

    Yes, contact me via tech@crytivo.com - I`ll provide a console patcher made specially for you. Do NOT delete current installation!
  2. Patch is corrupted

    If httpS fix worked for you - this mean that something (like antivirus or other "smart-proxy") blocks access to the file. Patcher tries to download part of the game, which is executable binaries (exe and dll) ant it looks suspicious to some antiviruses.
  3. Deleted Crytivo accounts??

    This was (mostly) technical issue, we was unable to recover all their posts, so we decided just to recreate accounts to keep other users messages. This is annoying thing, but anyway we need some reorganization on forum structure. New accounts are our old Mirror and Alex, so do not worry
  4. Can you, please, send more details to tech@crytivo.com? P.S. Check, if you have cookies enabled - this may be the issue when you can not log in.
  5. How to link my universim to crytivo site

    You not need to link your account, it will be transferred automatically. There is only one case when you need to contact us - if you lost your access to the email, which was used to purchase The Universim com game. In this case you need to proof the purchase itself and we will solve the issue.
  6. Game won't start up.

    Try to move installer (launcher) application to your Desktop - there is a small problem with security polices on new Mac OS X. Usually this helps - let me know, if it works for you.
  7. Game not START on windows 7 32bits

    Game itself will NOT support 32-bit operation systems. Launcher support both
  8. The Game Does Nothing On Launch

    Can you, please, provide more details? Which platform, machine configuration, etc?
  9. I flagged some spammers while you are sleeping. Distributed team has a lot of advantages :)