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  1. Unable to install - remote server returned an error 404

    Yep, that's the key I chose - but might have made a typo during entry (is that an "I" or a "1"? is the key case sensitive?). I had to uninstall and reinstall the launcher before I could retry (perhaps tweak the launcher/installer so if it gets that error it actually prompts for key re-entry instead of just erroring out)
  2. I've downloaded the Pre-alpha installer, ran it on my Windows 7 Professional 64bit machine (32Gb RAM) and entered my license key manually (unable to copy/paste). However, after entering the license key in the installer, I just get: Fatal error An exceptional situation occured: The following error occured: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not found [OK]Doing a bit of debugging shows it is trying to access http://edge.theuniversim.com/updates/62/d9/930335280e5793a6f20e24f840b202933008/windows/version.txt?dt=635805918858219105 .